Final Thought On The Olympics

Last week I shared my thoughts on the Olympics, but after watching another week I couldn’t just leave it at that. Here’s what was on my radar for the second half of the games.

David Boudia I was glued to Men’s 10m platform diving. I’ve been rooting for David from the beginning. I’m so happy he qualified (that was a close one) and that he won the gold!

McKayla Maroney's face I love it and all the memes! Here are some of my favorites.

At least she has a sense of humor about it! I just love her!

Aly Raisman Waiting for the ruling on her tie-breaking bronze was nail biting and of course her gold was impressive!

Speaking of gymnastics, I’m so excited to see the USA gymnastics team when their tour stops in Seattle in September. The Fierce Five will be here along with John Orozco, Jonathan Horton, and Jake Dalton. No, I’m not talking a niece or little cousin. Just me and my 32-year-old friend. Nerds.

Track I had tears for Oscar Pistorius, Usain Bolt, Bryshon Nellum, Mo Farah, and the entire women’s team! Track stars always have such inspiring stories!

Victory dances Is this in bad taste? Gymnasts hug it out. Swimmers splash. Divers rub their mostly naked bodies all over each other. But some athletes take it to another level.



FTW! Claressa Shields, 17, became the first U.S. women’s boxing gold medalist today. She defeated Russia’s Nadezda Torlopova to take gold in the middleweight division.
[Source: twitpic // ESPN]

OMG SHE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read a profile of her in The New Yorker a few weeks back. Really astounding young woman.

You know what I wasn't ok with? All the tantrums thrown when a race was lost. Pull it together, ladies.

Prince Harry I loved seeing that adorable ginger all over my TV these past two weeks. He has always been my favorite prince.

Closing ceremony I love that it was all about music. If Lily, Adele, and David Beckham were involved, it would have had all my favorite Brits. I loved the tributes to Freddie Mercury and John Lennon, but wish Bowie was actually there. I loved the costumes during Annie Lennox and I thought Russell was awesome. In my opinion, everything he does is awesome. The Spice Girls looked beautiful and sounded amazing. I loved Ginger’s dress, but Posh is my favorite. I miss them in my life. Wonderwall by Oasis is easily one of my favorite songs ever. It reminds me so much of high school. Holy nostalgia and maybe even a tear. I’m a sentimental bitch. I love the Queen tribute, but Jesse J kinda bugs me. What was with her Ice Capades outfits? That little taste of Rio was so fun! I can’t wait!

I don’t get nearly as excited about winter Olympics, but I love figure skating and ice hockey. Sochi is only a year and a half away!


ErinMSW said...

Awww, that runner broke my heart. She tripped and fell at the world championships and then did it again at the Olympics? I'd probably throw a little tantrum, too. I felt terrible for her.

tara said...

mckayla's face has me cracking up! lol

hotpants™ said...

McKayla's face as she's standing on the podium next to the gold medalist is my favorite thing about the Olympics. It never gets old.

Even though a lot of people think Bolt is super conceited, I really like him. I don't know it is about confident and cocky guys, but they're always my fave.

Also, I'm a little embarrassed for Misty. Her dance was not cute.

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

Ugh darn back to work!! I just saw this...I did not watch divers because they FREAK me out!! Thier heads are soo close to hitting the boards...no thank you!! I cry at the track star's stories too...i think we already discussed that haha!! I loved walsh (or may?)'s shuffling victory dance because she was shuffling through the 19foot packed sand hahaha. The closing ceremony was AH-MAZING!!! spice girl for life here!! Can't wait for Rio!!

Jen said...

The celebrations don't bother me. Some of these athletes are the best in the world and the best EVER! I agree I wish Bowie was there! I was disappointed when he wasn't.