We Like The Cars, The Cars That Go Boom

Anyone remember the song?

I thought I'd share the cars I've had over time. Try not to be jealous of my sweet rides.

1993 Ford Aerostar

This is the family minivan that I drove when I got my license. Although I should be embarrassed, I actually didn't hate it. It could fit a ton of friends and I could transport equipment to local concerts that my friends' bands played at. It was an easy drive, I could see everything with all the windows, and because it was the mid-90s, a lot of people drove minivans at my school.

1985 Honda Civic

My parents bought me a used car for high school graduation. The only problem was that it was a manual. My mom attempted to teach me, but she wasn’t a great instructor. My dad wasn’t much help either. He got in the car with me, told me how to change gears and said, "Go." So instead of learning, it sat in the driveway while I continued to drive the minivan. After a few months my parents got sick of it, said I had to learn to drive my car, and cut me off from the van. So I called up my ex-boyfriend (we were on good terms, even semi-dating at the time) and with patience and understanding, he taught me in about an hour.

I loved that little piece of crap hatchback and made some good memories in that car! I installed a CD player (after using my disc-man with a cord for a while), piled my friends into the back and drove everywhere. All the cool kids in town had a Honda so even though it was super old, I fit right in. I didn’t trick it out at all. In fact, I ran it into the ground. I sideswiped a pole, I backed into my sister’s car, I rear ended a woman on a busy road, I hit a parking meter, etc. The car just kept on runnin’ and I didn’t bother fixing any of the unsightly damage. I didn’t sell it until I was getting ready to move away for college and needed something more reliable since my school was 100 miles away.

1999 Nissan Sentra

It was the year 2000 and this new-ish car only had 900 miles on it. Score! Like I mentioned above, I wasn't a great driver. I backed this car into a pole, but only had to replace a light. I wasn’t about to let this one show any damage! One summer day on my way home from school, I was directly in the middle of a five car pile up on I-5. I had damage to the front and the back. It took four weeks and probably should have been totaled, but I got it fixed and kept this car for six more years. Not bad!

2008 Honda CR-V

In 2008, when expecting our first baby, Jacob and I decided I needed a "mom car". He has a two door Honda Civic, which he loves. It’s his little commuter car that gets great gas mileage. Since we knew I’d be the one hauling the kids around, it was only right that I get the new, bigger car. I had my heart set on a brand spanking new CR-V. We probably paid more than we should have, but we bought it with cash so we never thought twice about it. I still love it to this day.

I’m a much, much better driver now. Some call me a grandma because I always go the speed limit and I’m very cautious. I can’t risk anything with babies in the car, but I did have one little incident. We lived in an apartment while waiting for our house to be built. The complex had the worst parking lot ever! Each covered parking spot was between a pole. Backing out one day, I sideswiped the pole. Of course! It only caused paint damage, so $600 later it was good as new. I plan on keeping this car for a few more years. It’s perfect for our little family of four.

*All of these pictures are from google. I'm too lazy to dig out pictures of my old cars and scan them. The make, model, year and color are exactly the same.


Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

My first car was a 1994 Ford Tempo.. Ugh, I hated it!

The City Boy said...

i love this post!! its so funny to look through old cars. My first was an audi A4 and i still have it...im too young for a second yet!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I love it! I a version of my first car in a parking lot last week and nearly peed from laughing. No one believed me. A 1989 dodge omni, quite similar to the civic! They don't make them like that anymore :-)

Holly said...

I learned to drive a stick on my X's Honda CRX! Oh, the things I learned from my high school boyfriend! Ha!

I love this post! My first car was a Ford Explorer and I wrecked the crap out of it!

Jen said...

That van is awesome! I can semi drive a stick. In December when I saw Matt (my bf I posted about it) we drove home from the bar in his stick. I was in the drivers seat doing the wheel and the pedals. He shifted from the passenger seat. It was hilarious and something I'll never forget. And we have a CRV! I think it's a 2010.

Karen Peterson said...

Oh, this post is giving me more flash backs! I learned to drive in a Dodge Caravan, and it was awesome driving that thing because I could pile all my friends into one car.

And then it broke down.

hotpants™ said...

I've had a 1975 Chevy Nova, 1991 Chevy S-10, 2001 Nissan Altima, and now my brand new Rogue. I had wrecks in the Nova and Altima.