Cheers & Jeers

Cheers to Zac Efron for Penshoppe! Zac's latest photo shoot for the Philippines based clothing line was just released. I really don't care about any of it, I just wanted a reason to share these pictures. Does he look a little cross eyed in some of them? Who cares! He's hot anyway.

Cheers to Naomi Watts as Princess Diana! Photos from the set of the Diana biopic Caught In Flight have emerged and Naomi looks so much like her. The movie will focus on the last two years of Diana’s life including her relationship with “the love of her life” Dr. Hasnet Kahn. The plot alleges that when the doctor called off the affair, Diana started stalking him and dated Dodi Fayed to make him jealous. Hmmm…I’m intrigued. The movie hits theaters in 2013.

Cheers to Luke Hemsworth! The oldest brother of Chris and Liam is planning to move his wife and three kids to America to boost his acting career. He was the first of the trio to start acting and has appeared in the Australian soap Neighbours and more recently the Australian miniseries Bikie Wars. In addition to finding roles for himself he said they are all looking for a project they can star in together, preferably a comedy. I’m all for it. Talent runs in the family.

Cheers to Megan and Brian! Photos were snapped of the couple in Kona on their second wedding anniversary. I know most people can’t stand her and he’s a total has-been, but I love them, individually and as a couple. I wish them well with the baby!

Cheers to Magic Mike! I know I kinda complained about the movie, but I am excited for the rumored sequel and the possible Broadway play. The producers and writers got the bright idea from Matt Bomer. While singing some of the movies songs on stage during filming he said it would kill as a musical. They aren’t sure if it will be a musical or just a play, but they want it to be interactive. Writer Reid Carolin said they want women to be able to scream and throw money. Hilarious. I’m there.

- - - - -

Jeers to Miley and Liam’s future baby. She’s only 19 and they JUST got engaged, but Miley and Liam plan to expand their family stat. Apparently Miley can’t wait to get pregnant and Liam is on board because he feels a little competition with his brother Chris who had a baby in May. That is no reason to have kids! Calm down little ones!

With Liam's niece

Jeers to Jurassic Park IV. The writers of last year’s Planet of the Apes are in final negotiations to write the fourth movie in the franchise. Jurassic Park is one of my absolute favorite movies, but I didn’t like II and I hated III. Why keep going?

This is my favorite scene. And I'm still in love with the song. Yes, I'm a nerd.

Jeers to American Idol. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez quit their judging gigs last week to focus on their careers. I haven't watched since the first season. Why doesn’t anyone want to work there? Do you think the show will last much longer?


Jen said...

Miley needs to slow down! I hate it when youngins want a baby. They have no clue! And I like Megan and Brian together. They seem really happy!

Suze said...

Wow- I had my doubts, but Naomi looks great as Diana! I'm looking forward to that.

I was just talking about the American Idol judges to my husband last night. I haven't watched that show ever (I really like America's Got Talent though), but I can't imagine that's a good sign. They go through judges like whoa.

Annabelle said...

I have been so over American Idol! Like over it three years ago. I swear hollywood is running out of ideas so they keep remaking things.

Casey said...

I want to be better than liking Zac Ephron but I just can't. he really is the best ever.

Leanna Vera said...

Another Jurassic Park? That's ridiculous. I still haven't seen Magic Mike but I feel like I need to get on that ASAP.

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

Heck yeah to a Magic Mike musical.. I'm really not surprised about Miley. I see her going down the Britney Spears path.. I hate American Idol.

hotpants™ said...

I watched Idol every year Simon was on then stopped. Mariah is reportedly on board. I think this will be the last year though. No one likes her enough to care.