July Magazine Roundup

Andrew Garfield – Nylon Guys
I like this! He’s looking good and seems like such a great guy. Have you seen Boy A? Watch it now!

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone – Teen Vogue
I mean, how adorable can you get? These two kill me. They’re the perfect couple. Don’t ever break up!

Anna Kendrick – Boston Common
Pretty clothes! She’s so cute and seems so fun and normal. Plus she’s such a great actress! I love.

Blake Lively – Marie Claire
Every shoot is the same with her. Mouth open, hair down, blank stare. If you haven’t heard by now, I’m not a fan.

Cheyenne Jackson – Attitude
Oh, hi there! I’ve always loved him but never really saw him in this light. I approve!! What a fun spread.

Christina Hendricks – The Hollywood Reporter
She’s gorgeous. I’m still in love with her. My favorite is that picture in the car.

David Beckham – Elle UK
I. Have. No. Words. Just Mmmmmmmmmm…

Emma Stone – New York
Adorable. The end.

Emma Stone – Vogue
I love this! She really knows how to play up her fun side and her sophisticated side. She’s so refreshing.

Eva Mendes – Marie Claire UK
She’s so pretty. I love these pictures. She looks a little like Cindy Crawford.

Fergie – Self
I kinda love her. And I kinda hate her for her abs. She looks very crisp and clean.

Frieda Pinto – Flaunt
She looks awesome! I love every single picture.

Joe Manganiello – Men’s Health
Hotness. Can't wait to see Magic Mike! He is yummmmy.

Julianne Hough – Glamour
I love her, and I like edgy, but I’m not into this look. I like the cover and the last photo. Don’t turn her into Xtina.

Julianne Hough – Zooey
This is more like it. She’s so dang cute! I love the all-American feel of this shoot.

Kate Winslet – Vanity Fair Italia
She’s looking fierce. I especially love the cover. That’s an amazing dress.

Leighton Meester – Lucky
So cute! I’m in love with the white, black and red dress.

Selena Gomez – Elle
Little Selena is looking all grown up. I love her.

Victoria Beckham – Interview Germany
There aren’t many pictures here, but I can’t leave her out. She’s perfection.


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Beckham looks HOT! Wow! I mean, he's attractive but I've never been like hubba bubba (do people say that?!) until now!

P.S. I wish we could go see Magic Mike together!! I have nobody to see it with :(

hotpants™ said...

Where to begin?

David Beckham.. HOLY SHIT, he's hot. Joe M. is smokin' too.

Can't say it enough. I love Emma Stone. Eva Mendes is gorgeous. Kate Winslet too.

Blake Lively is so pretty, but I still don't like her.