Road Trip - Graceland

Graceland was the highlight of the trip for me and 90% of the reason I wanted to go to Tennessee to begin with. Are you ready for the awesomeness that is Elvis’s house? My pictures aren’t the best because they didn’t allow flash, but you’ll still see how crazy it was. 

Front of the house and front yard.

Living room and in the back, the music room.

His parents’ room. I love the purple! 

He didn’t allow many people upstairs back then and they still don’t allow it now.
Bummer. I wanted to see where the magic happened. Ha!

Dining room and kitchen

The basement holds the media room, a bar, and the pool room, which is covered in pleated fabric.

The Jungle Room 

Outside is a separate building for his dad’s office and a shooting range/smokehouse.

Backyard, stables and pool

Another outside building is the Trophy Room, which holds memorabilia, costumes and Elvis’s 80 foot long Hall of Gold.

We went to a third outside building, the racquetball court. It still contains the sitting area where Elvis played music the day he died.
This building is also home to more memorabilia, the jumpsuit collection (!) and the awards he’s received after his death.

The Meditation Garden was built by Elvis in 1965, but he and his mother were not initially buried there. They were moved in October 1977 after security issues at Forest Hill Cemetery. His father and grandmother were buried there in 1979 and 1980. Can you believe his grandmother outlived all of them? That poor woman! There is also a little marker for Elvis’s stillborn twin brother, Jesse.

We went to his car museum.

We toured his airplanes.

And we left our mark on the Graceland stone fence.

We were told that the average time to see everything was 2 1/2 hours. I think we spent 3 1/2, and I could have easily been there for six hours. I loved it all. I was impressed with how much they let us see and how well it was maintained. I loved the gift shops and wanted to buy everything! I limited myself to just a few small souvenirs. I did purchase the Elvis On Tour DVD that we started watching in one of the exhibits and I have the ’68 Comeback Special in my Netflix queue. I cannot get enough of him right now!

After Graceland, we drove into Mississippi, just to say we did it. We got some snacks, checked into our hotel, and then my friend and I walked down to Beale Street. It was Bikes on Beale night, so the closed roads were lined with motorcycles and tons of people. It was fun!


Christianna said...

OMG, this looks like so much fun! I loved all of your pictures. I've always been a fan of Elvis as well, so going and doing this one day would be awesome! Thanks for sharing all of your awesome times with us! Viva La Elvis!

Dreams Do Come True said...


Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

So glad you enjoyed your trip to Memphis.. Can you believe I'm born and raised Memphian, lived here my whole life and have never been to Graceland? Crazy, I know!

Ashlee Miller said...

So cool you got to see Graceland! Maybe someday I'll get there.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Wow he was def a man of the 70s lol! I've never been in (because I don't know much about) Elvis. My aunt is obsessed. I really should listen to some of his music and watch his movies. Don't they have the marathon in August every year?

hotpants™ said...

I'm so glad you loved Graceland and got to experience Bike Night! I still can't believe I forgot that was going on.

Also, the '68 Comeback Special is my favorite. The black leather.. The hair.. The smile.. Man, he was SEXY!