Road Trip - Branson

Here’s where the trip gets weird. My friend is an old soul. One of her favorite bands is The Oak Ridge Boys. I had no idea who they were until three months ago. She said that in Branson, Missouri the “Boys” have their own theater and they perform a few nights a month. When we decided to book this vacation, we worked it around the dates they’d be there. It was only fair since she went to Graceland for us. My sister started out the first leg of the six hour drive from Memphis through Arkansas to Missouri.

After 2 1/2 hours, we stopped at a cute little park near the Missouri state line to stretch our legs. We were enjoying the fresh air and sunshine until we saw snakes everywhere! We jumped back into the car and I took over driving duties. The next 3 1/2 hours were a nightmare. The highway went through the Ozarks and there was not one stretch of straight road. Not only was it winding back and forth, but it was also super hilly which made us all car sick, including me, the driver. When we finally got to Branson around 2:00 pm, none of us really wanted to eat. We hung around the hotel room for a while before finally getting up and venturing out.

On our drive down “the famous 76 Strip” (Is it really? Have you ever heard of it?), we really got a good look at all the tornado damage from February. There were so many abandoned buildings. Some were totally demolished and a few were being repaired. It was amazing how random the destruction was. One row of hotels, theaters, and restaurants would be completely gone while two stood perfectly fine in the middle of it all. So sad.

We also drove past Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater and Grille and saw candles, flowers and cards out front. RIP Dick Clark. We finally made it to Branson Landing, a cute, new outdoor mall along the lake, and ate on the patio at an Italian place. We got fruity adult beverages, tried some fried pickles, enjoyed the sun and watched the fountain.

Afterwards, it was time for the concert. I really had no idea what to expect. The only song I’ve ever heard by The Oak Ridge Boys is Elvira. I didn’t know what awkwardness I was in for. We were in the third row, surrounded by blue haired grandmas, while the "Boys" (who are now in their 60s) made eye contact with us while singing about love, God, and America. So uncomfortable. My sister and I got a major case of the church giggles. My friend...loved the whole show.

I have to say that they definitely sing well. There wasn’t much to their show since they just stand in a row and harmonize. I didn’t hate it, but I would never do it again. The funny thing is, the next day my friend found out that they are coming to the fair in her own town this summer! We didn’t have to make that awful trek through the mountains after all!


Jessica Renee said...

I'm laughing because I once "forced" my best friend to drive to Austin to see Chicago with me. I was SOOOO excited and she had the worst time and didn't understand why I loved those old guys so much! haha.. But at least y'all got an adventure out of it! And seriously, you'd never had fried pickles before?! What'd you think? They're my fave!

Christianna said...

Fried pickles are the best thing on the freaking planet! I love them!

This sounds like such an adventure. It might not have been what you wanted to do, but you have some great stories that you can laugh about later. And every trip need something weird and unnecessary to happen for it to be a success!

Holly said...

I think I might be the only person that isn't a fan of fried pickles. They are Jeremy's favorite appetizer!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You guys really experienced a lot!

Haha I loved the part about the famous street - you are hilarious! I don't know how, but I've heard of that band.

My grandparents used to go to Branson but I never went. Although it sounds a little...boring...I wish I would have taken all of those road trips with them when I had the chance.

hotpants™ said...

I grew up listening to country, so I probably would have known a few songs. That's hilarious though. I would imagine they put on a pretty boring show. Ha!