Four Eyes

Disclaimer: I was compensated by the advertiser to write this post.

In 9th grade, I started squinting to read math problems on the whiteboard. I just thought it was because I sat in the back of the class. I had to pay extra attention to hear what my teacher was saying as she wrote it down. When I went to get my drivers permit, I was told to look into the little machine sitting on the counter for a sight test. The DMV employee said, “Read the letters.” In total seriousness, I asked, “What letters?” She said, “Oh, maybe it’s not turned on,” and fiddled with some buttons. She asked me to look again. Same thing. My mom looked in and asked, “You can’t see that?” Uh, nope. I was told to get my eyes checked.

I saw an eye doctor the following week and sure enough, I was blind. When I got my first pair of eyeglasses, I sat on the couch and looked at our marble fireplace. I couldn't believe all the detail! I knew it was white and light blue. I could see that up close, but didn’t realize that everyone saw it from so far away.

I was embarrassed to wear my new glasses, so I’d take them off between classes or when hanging out with friends. One day my boyfriend said I looked cute in them, so I started wearing them more often. Typical stupid girl.   

I got contacts before college, but always had a pair of glasses with my current eyeglasses prescription on hand. Contacts dry out your eyes and sometimes you just need a break, especially when reading for long periods of time. Now I really like to wear them. I’ve realized that cute glasses are a fun accessory and not a nerdy problem.

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Amy Shaughnessy said...

I had a similar experience. I was in 8th grade and a nurse brought a vision chart into the room. I thought it would be so easy but then got up there and couldn't see any of the letters! I had to get glasses for my freshman year of high school and I felt so self conscious. I just had the laser surgery to correct my eyes about 2 years ago. BEST thing I ever did!



Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I realized as a freshman, too! I couldn't see the board either. I went to the doctor and was given contacts and it was such a strange thing. Similar to your experience, mine was with trees. I was fascinated that I could actually see the leaves.

Funny thing is I played outfield in softball. No clue how I caught those balls since I couldn't see them!

RAY J said...

Curious - how long is their turnaround time? I ordered my most recent pairs from ZenniOptical and it took several weeks before my new glasses finally arrived (which felt like forever!). That was really my only complaint though! Just wondering if this company is any faster as they sound fairly similar!