Ladies Man?

Wilmer Valderrama is at it again. He’s snagged himself a hot, young Hollywood up and comer. I’m always surprised when I hear about the hottie he’s dating because I automatically see this:

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

He dated Jennifer Love Hewitt in 1999. They were both 19. Nothing too shocking here.
She was huge because of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Can’t Hardly Wait and just broke up with Carson Daily.

He was also rumored to be dating Mila Kunis that same year while on the set of That 70’s Show,
but neither has ever confirmed it. He was 19, she was 16.

After that he opted for MUCH younger girls.

He was with Mandy Moore for two years. He was 19, she was 16.
I always thought this was such a cute pairing. I loved Mandy back then.

Then he crept up on brand new star, Lindsay Lohan. He was 24, she was 17.
I felt like this was a little creepy, but they really seemed to be so in love.

He moved on to Ashlee Simpson for a quick fling. Remember this song she wrote about him? 
(I still love it). He was 25, she was 20.

He picked up the pieces after Avril Lavigne’s divorce in 2009 for a brief “friends with benefits” relationship.
He was 29, she was 25.

In 2010, he and Demi Lovato got together after Joe Jonas broke her heart. He was 31, she was 18.
Sources say they broke up after two years of off and on because of their 12-year age difference. Yeah, ya think?

Now he’s creeping around with Minka Kelly. She was spotted with her longtime boyfriend Derek Jeter
in Paris a few months ago, but she must be over him now. He’s 32, she’s 31.
Not bad at all. I support this.

I have always thought he was very attractive, in interviews he is funny, thoughtful and charismatic and his accent is hot. But he’s kinda douchey, right? Especially after he spilled about all his conquests to Howard Stern a few years back. So gross. I can’t help but like him though. It must be the bad boy thing.

What do you think it is about this guy?


Christianna said...

I don't really know a ton about this guy. I did love him on "That 70's Show" though.

hotpants™ said...

I don't get it. He's not unattractive, but doesn't do it for me. Minka Kelly is SO HOT! It seems like Jeter did her wrong and I have a feeling this won't end much better.

Mrs. Monologues said...

He totally has a thing for teen pop stars no? He will always be Fez, and Fez is not a sexy beast at all.

Krystal said...

he is sooooo skeevy!!!!!! i can't handle him. have you seen the youtube clip for eduardo fresco?! you gotta watch -- totally him playing the part of a skeevy dude but it's funny because he IS a skeevy dude! haha