I Want My MTV

I read the book I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution in three days.

I seriously loved it. For being 572 pages, it was actually a quick read and I found that I couldn’t put it down. It’s basically a collection of quotes from MTV execs, VJs, bands, dancers and directors spanning the first eleven years of the network. I wasn’t old enough to remember the beginning of MTV, but it definitely played a part in my life as a tween and teenager. The book goes into how the network was created and how no one thought it would last. It explores the music shows (Unplugged, 120 Minutes, Yo! MTV Raps), news shows (MTV News, Choose or Lose), dance shows (Club MTV), animated shows (Beavis and Butthead) and the birth of THE reality show (The Real World).

Spring Break, The Jon Stewart Show, Choose or Lose, Nirvana Unplugged, The Real World

I loved reading all the random facts.
Michael Jackson would only give them his video for Black or White if they referred to him by the nickname he made up for himself, “The King of Pop”.
How infectious and effective the “I Want My MTV” ad campaign was.
While performing on the VMAs Bobby Brown dropped his cocaine on stage so he shimmied around and swooped it back up without missing a beat. YouTube it.
David Fincher and Michael Bay started as music video directors and were a pretty big deal.
How hard it was for the “Choose or Lose” campaign to be taken seriously.
I was thoroughly entertained and learned so much about the business. It was a nice little trip through entrainment history. I recommend it!

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ErinMSW said...

Oh, definitely want to pick that one up!

Cindy Swanson said...

I'm sure that book is fascinating! But remember when MTV really WAS music television? How many videos do they actually play on there now! :)

Enjoyed visiting your blog!

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

Christianna said...

Sounds like a fun entertaining read! I like stuff like that sometimes!

Katrin said...

Oh, that book looks interesting! :)

Thank you for stopping by! Your blog is so lovely, Christina!

Robyn said...

ha-you tubing the bobby brown clip now..!

Shoshanah said...

This looks like a really fun book that I think I'd definitely enjoy reading.

Bruno said...

Thanks, Christina! Very glad to hear you liked my book so much -- it's big, but lots of people have said they read it quickly, because it's so entertaining. Best regards,

Rob Tannenbaum
co-author, I Want My MTV



Claire Kiefer said...

Interesting! Just reading about this takes me right back to the 90's. It's always so hard for me to remember/believe that Jon Stewart looked like that! :)

hotpants™ said...

I loved my MTV back in the day. Nirvana's Unplugged album is one of my absolute favorites.

Meghan @ Shine On said...

Oooh! I've been looking for a new book, so maybe I'll tap into this one. Looks great!

Happy Sunday, dear!

Keep Shining,

Heather said...

This sounds super interesting! I'd love to learn all of the secrets. :)

Peace Love Applesauce- Terri said...

I'm gonna have to add it to my Nook list.