The Hunger Games Magazine Roundup

The Hunger Games cast is everywhere! I think there might even be more coverage of them than the Breaking Dawn cast last fall. I’m not complaining at all. It’s a good lookin’ cast!

Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) – Glamour
She is so pretty. At first I had a hard time picturing her as Katniss. Now I can't imagine it any other way.

Jennifer Lawrence – Glamour UK
I like this spread better than the US version. She looks amazing. I love the sweater and the dress!

Jennifer Lawrence – Seventeen
Very sweet. Can I have her hair please?

Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) – Teen Vogue feature
Fun photo shoot! I wouldn't mind going to a party with him. Wait. How old is he?

Josh Hutcherson – Elle feature
The photos weren't available, but you can watch the behind the shoot video here. He's pretty cute.

Liam Hemsworth (Gale) – Flaunt
Oh my. Total hotness. I'm definitely Team Peeta, but Liam is where it's at for me!

Liam Hemsworth – GQ Style
Again, he's just plain hot. I really like this deserted diner shoot.

Alexander Ludwig (Cato) – Bello feature
He's cute too. A sharp dressed man always is, in my opinion.


Alexander Ludwig – YRB feature
He doesn't really look like the big, strong, dangerous Cato here, does he?

Alexander Ludwig – VMan feature
I like it.

Wes Bentley (Seneca Crane) and Leven Rambin (Glimmer) – Genlux spread
This is an awesome photo shoot. They both look amazing. And make a hot couple! I love her clothes.

Wes Bentley – Flaunt feature
He is good looking! I didn't think so in the promo pictures for the movie, but here? Yes.

Wes Bentley  – VMan feature
I guess he was done with Seneca's beard?

Amandla Stenberg (Rue), Isabelle Fuhrman (Clove),
Jacqueline Emerson (Foxface), and Leven Rambin (Glimmer) – Nylon feature
I love, love, love the color blocking! Very cute spread.

Isabelle Fuhrman (Clove), Amandla Stenberg (Rue),
Jacqueline Emerson (Foxface) and Willow Shields (Prim) – Girl’s Life
So fresh-faced and adorable.

Elizabeth Banks (Effie) – Esquire feature
I didn't really like her until her appearance on 30 Rock last year. Now I love her. Fun pictures.

Elizabeth Banks – Lucky
This is a light and nice (read: boring) spread. I like the last dress though.

Elizabeth Banks – Women’s Health
Again, kind of boring, but this is a boring magazine. She's very pretty and has a great body.

Lenny Kravitz (Cinna) – Interview feature
I don't know how I feel about him, but I'm excited to see him as Cinna. These pictures are pretty hot.

Woody Harrelson (Haymitch) – Men’s Journal
He's so talented and perfect for this role! He's also a little weird, just like Haymitch.

Woody Harrelson  – Menswear
He looks pretty darn good!

I'm disappointed that Stanley Tucci (Caesar Flickerman) didn't grace any magazines. I love him.
I am so ready for this movie! Who's already got their tickets?


ErinMSW said...

When I saw the casting for Cinna (Kravitz) and Haymitch (Harrelson), I thought it was pure genius. And I agree with you - I'm completely Team Peeta, but would take Liam over Josh any day of the week. Matt and I CANNOT WAIT for this movie!!

Christianna said...

Oh, Liam! Hahahahaha, that second set of pictures is brilliant! Digging it!

Karen Peterson said...

Well, Liam's brother IS Thor, so those genes run in the family!

I can't wait for the movie. I will be there at midnight. I'm crazy.

Lori said...

Best post ever? Yes I think so!

I too wasn't sure about Jennifer as Katniss at first, though now I can't picture anyone else. Can't wait for Friday!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

YES! I love The Glamour UK spread! Amazing pics. And Anything Liam related - perfection!

I'm a big Elizabeth Bank fan. I think she's hilarious.

One week 'til the premiere :)))

hotpants™ said...

I'm so excited. I really think they made some excellent choices. Lenny Kravitz is hot. Woody is a brilliant actor, so I trust he'll be great as Haymitch. I love Elizabeth Banks too. And yes, Liam is dreamy. Stanley Tucci and Donald Sutherland as well... seriously, so excited!!!

Kori Donahue said...

I'm trying to finish the first book this week! I'm so excited but trying to ignore all the press so it doesn't spoil anything! Thanks for linking up honey...have a great week! Kori xoxo

Jessica Thomas said...

Jessica Lawrence is so gorgeous and she did nail Katniss Everdeen's character on the movie.

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