Blake Shelton Concert

I didn’t know much about this guy at all.
I knew that he is a country singer, but I don’t listen to country music.

I knew he married fellow country singer Miranda Lambert, but only because it was on the cover of Us Weekly.

I knew that he is a judge on The Voice, but I don’t watch that show.

When my friend told me his concert was stopping in Seattle on her birthday, I couldn't resist getting tickets as her gift because she’s a huge country music fan, I’m always down to go to a concert and I’d rather give experiences than stuff for presents. Although I didn't know a single song, I threw on a plaid shirt and my harmonica necklace (that's all the country I have in my wardrobe) had a really, really good time! He's got a great voice and he put on an awesome show.

He also brought out his wife, Miranda Lambert, to sing her song Baggage Claim. She is so cute!

I gotta say, I’m a Blake fan now! What do you guys think of him?


ErinMSW said...

I used to listen to country but don't too much anymore (says the girl who's been playing Dixie Chicks on her iPod for the last 2 days straight). I don't know much of either of their music, but liked what I heard when he sang at the Grammy's (he sang at the Grammy's right?), but something about her bugs me. I feel like she always looks mad.

Ashlee Miller said...

I have such a crush on him. He is part of the reason I love The Voice so much!

Christianna said...

I'm not a big country fan. But you got some awesome pictures and I'm glad that you had what looks and sounds like a lot of fun!

Karen Peterson said...

I don't really like his music that much, but I love his face. Sounds like a really fun show!

kenli said...

i LOVE him! i went to see him last summer with a friend and it was one of my favorite country concerts. he is a riot!

hotpants™ said...

I used to listen to country years ago. Now, I only hear what crosses over on the pop stations. I love Blake though. He's hilarious and charming.