April Magazine Roundup

Bruno Mars – Playboy
He's only the 10th man in the magazine's history to be on the cover.

Cate Blanchett – Harper’s Bazaar
She is so pretty and so talented. And did you see her non-airbrushed cover? She's still beautiful!

Channing Tatum – GQ Style
These are kinda hilarious. I don't think they are supposed to be though.

Christina Hendricks – Black Book
Gorgeous, as always. I love the short black dress with the sweetheart neckline.

Christina Ricci – Marie Claire UK
I love the cover, but the rest are boring. I'm glad she's finally getting recognition. I've always loved her.

Daniel Radcliffe – Bullet
I love everything about this spread. He looks so great! That second picture? Pretty hot.

Dave Franco, Drake, John Slattery – GQ
They all look goooood. Dave Franco will soon outshine his brother. John is one of my favorites.

Jason Statham – Details
Isn't he always smoldering? I like it!

Jennifer Lopez - V
I really like this. It's nice to see her in something a little different. She's beautiful, even when looking like a dude.

Jessica Biel – W
Stunning. I have mixed feelings about her and she doesn't always catch my eye, but here she's perfect!

Jessica Simpson – Elle
Hate all you want, but I think pregnancy pictures are creepy. I think the photo of her and her bf is sweet though. Share that kind!

Justin Bieber – Complex
A little graphic, but still cool. It's nice to see him do something different. The kid is growing on me.

Katy Perry – Interview
She looks great, unrecognizable even, but the spread is repetitive. Same face, same pose over and over.

Kristin Bell – Women’s Health
I love her! She's so fresh faced and funny. Great spring pictures.

Leighton Meester – Marie Claire
I love this! The clothes are amazing!!!

Megan Fox – Miami
I really like this spread too. She's got old glamour down pat. Beautiful!

Mila Kunis – Harper’s Bazaar
What a fun shoot! She's adorable and every dress is perfection.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – Elle UK
Where have they been hiding? I love them, but this is kinda boring. They look like they're playing dress up.

Nicki Minaj – Allure
She never disappoints.

Nicki Minaj – Complex
I love it! The use of light and lines and her makeup? So fun. She's crazy.

Rachel Bilson – Lucky
As sweet as ever. Can I just be her, please?

Sophia Vergara – InStyle
She looks great here, but where's the color the issue promises?

Taylor Swift – Harper's Bazaar Australia
Lookin' good, Taylor. I love it when she's not all pink, sparkly and frilly.

Victoria Beckham – Madame
I love every picture. So Posh.


Kelley Christiancy said...

WOW!!! Great post! There are so many magazines I need to buy and catch up one. I will be going to store after work and spending some money on these:) so thank you!

I found your blog through the link up of Kori, my good friend also known as blondeepisodes. I am new to this blog world and trying to make new friends in this community lol but it is not as easy as it looks :) Come check out my blog and tell me what you think! I would appreciate it! Have a great weekend.


ErinMSW said...

Wow, that Channing Tatum spread is terrible! And I totally agree with you, I think pregnancy photos (especially nude ones) are creepy and awkward. Also, I just heard that Johnny Depp is having an affair with one of the Olsen twins, which is super duper creepy. Oh, and Katy Perry looks like Amy Winehouse, especially in the 1st and 3rd photos. Weird. I love your magazine round-ups, btw.

Christianna said...

Hahahahaha, Oh Channing, what are you doing?

Some of these are amazing shoots though!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Damn these are a lot to cover so I'll just comment on the ones I remember :)

I love me some Bruno Mars...not so much his music as his style. For some reason I think he's totally cute too! Channing does look ridic lol! Katy looks like Megan Fox. Megan Fox is perfect...I hate her lol. Rachel looks 12. Taylor looks crazy in the second pic. The Olsen twins freak me out, legitimately. And I don't like Leighton's bangs :(

I think that's a long enough comment hahaha!

Caty said...

I've always liked Megan Fox, was getting tired of how big of a deal people were making out of her....but I have to say, I LOVE the spread she did! It's nice to see her get away from the revealing sexy shoots, this spread is gorgeous and tasteful!! LOVE IT! And totally agree with you about the Taylor Swift spread, like to see her this way more! :-)

hotpants™ said...

I love Justin Bieber's new song!

I love love love Bruno Mars.

Radcliffe is looking pretty good.

What? There's another Franco? How did I not know this? Hottie!

OMG, Jason Statham... I would do dirty things to him. Just sayin'.

JLo is so gorgeous.

Kristen Bell is adorable. Have you seen the sloth video?

Punctuation Mark said...

no doubt my favorite is John Slattery... Happy weekend!