Almost SNL

New York City is my favorite city on Earth. London is a very, very close second, but Manhattan is where it’s at. I dreamed about going to NYC since I was thirteen and I still fantasize about living there. I visited in 2004 with my family over Thanksgiving and Jacob and I went in 2009. When Jacob and I were there, we tried to get tickets to see Saturday Night Live. I know the show has been pretty lame for the last few years, but I’ve been watching religiously since 8th grade. I can’t give up on it. And when it's good, it's so good. We stood (and sat) in line for stand-by tickets on the sidewalk outside of Rockefeller Center from 4:00 am to 7:00 am on Saturday morning. We got our tickets and our numbers were pretty low, 59 and 60. I was sure we’d get in!

At 10:00pm on Saturday night, we went back to 30 Rock to get in our stand-by line for the live show. The ticket system is crazy. There is a lottery in August and you can enter your name by email, but you don’t get to choose what date or show you want to see. So obviously, not everyone that has a ticket makes it to their show. That’s where the stand-by tickets come in. After the ticket holders are seated, as well as friends, family and other connections to the network/show/cast/host/musical guest, the staff starts bringing in a few people at a time from the stand-by line. Slowly but surely, our line started to move, we made our way through security and into the next line at the elevator. We were told that once you make it inside the elevator, you’re in. We were in the middle of a line of about 45 people. They called six in. Wait. Six more. Wait. Three more. Wait. One more. And that was it. There were only five people left in front of us! We were thisclose!

So we grabbed some food and went back to the hotel to watch. That’s when we figured out why they didn’t let many of us in. We knew that Ryan Reynolds was hosting and Lady Gaga was performing, but Madonna and Scarlett Johansson were additional guests. That’s a lot of big people with big entourages. It wasn’t even a very good show that night, but it still would have been amazing to see it live. I really, really want to see it, just once. The next time we go to New York, you can bet we’ll get back in that line in the middle of the night, maybe at 2:00am instead of 4:00!


Meghan @ Shine On said...

Ah, bummer! I'm not a huge SNL fan, but I do love some of the skits...and Kristin Wiig. Ha!

Keep Shining,

Ashlee Miller said...

So close!!! I have always wanted to try and see a live show as well, but my friends said it was extremely hard to get in. Now that you know the system you'll be sure to get in next time!

Christianna said...

Dang it! We tried for Jimmy Fallon tickets last time I was there, same kind of story. Here's to better luck next time!

Karen Peterson said...

So close!

I had tickets to a taping of The Big Bang Theory once and my friends and I were the first people that didn't get into the taping. It was sad.

Good luck next time!

Kodie said...

Being so close yet so far away sucks! I was in line to meet Lady Antebellum once and they cut the line off AT ME! I was so bummed. And the band wanted to keep signing and taking pictures because there weren't many of us left, but security was telling them they had to go :( I did get a great picture out of it and got to tell them they're AMAZING!

We took a tour of NBC Studios back in 2001 and saw Pierce Brosnan and Destiny's Child rehearsing for SNL (no pictures though since they weren't allowed). We turned on SNL that night to see if we could figure out what skit they had been rehearsing but I'm pretty sure I fell asleep...lol.

Holly said...

I would love to get in the SNL audience - we are long time watchers too!

Let's go camp out there!

hotpants™ said...

I would absolutely stand in line for SNL. Oh, so close!