My Thoughts On The Grammys

I wrote this while I was watching the show so it’s just quick random thoughts. Bruce Springsteen seriously does nothing for me. I like a few songs from the ‘80s but that’s it. I’m so sad about Whitney. I’m not surprised, but I am very sad. She was so freaking talented and her songs always bring me right back to my childhood when I listened to her cassettes on my boom box and danced around the room with my sister. Bruno’s performance was pretty fun, but I wasn’t into the song at all. I just love Bonnie Raitt! She and Alicia sounded good together. Chris Brown? Boo. He’s talented, but I just don’t like the jerk. Did you know that he and Rihanna have been secretly hooking up for a while? Disgusting. It makes me mad at her. Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean were great. I love that song. The Foo Fighters lost me about six years ago. The last song I liked from them was The Best Of You. The Rihanna and Coldplay performance was kind of boring. So was the Beach Boys tribute and Paul McCartney’s performance. Ok, I know I just said I don’t like Chris Brown, but I really, really love the song Look At Me Now. Mostly because of Busta and Lil Wayne though. I think I like The Civil Wars. Leeann told me about them a long time ago and I still haven’t looked into them. After hearing their song with Taylor Swift and watching them last night, I really need to check them out! Taylor kind of looked like crap. Oops, that was Mean. Her stage was cute though. Wow, Katy Perry sure did send a message to Russell didn’t she? I didn’t really like the song, but maybe I will when I hear the real version. She's never very good live. And then there’s Adele. No one compares. She’s pure talent. No gimmicks, visual effects, ridiculous clothes, hairstyles or dance routines. She’s just awesome and I can’t get over how much I love this girl! I liked the Glenn Campbell tribute. I’m going to see Blake Shelton in concert next month and even though I don’t know a single song (it’s a birthday present for a friend) I think I’m going to enjoy his show! He’s so cute. Jennifer Hudson sounded great, but her version of Whitney’s best song ever was kind of weird. I guess no one can sing it quite like Whitney. And I know it just happened the day before the show, but I feel like there should have been more of a tribute to her. The club scene with Deadmau5 and David Guetta was really weird. It felt like the VMAs and not the Grammys. Being a Queen fan, I know I’m not supposed to like this commercial, but I do. I can’t make up my mind about Nicki Minaj. I think she’s talented and pretty and sometimes I really love her, but most of the time she annoys me. I feel like more and more artists are trying to outdo Gaga’s strangeness and it gets old. Or maybe I’m just old. I didn’t like her performance at all. This Cover Girl commercial cracked me up. Adele win’s record AND album of the year! All is right in the world.


Ashlee Miller said...

I love Adele and was so happy for her!

Christianna said...

I didn't watch last night. I know shocking, right? But thanks for the recap!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I actually liked Bruno Mars. For some reason he's just doing it for me lately. He's not even that cute but I'm like suddenly in love with him. Maybe those hip movements when he dances ;) Bahaha! I actually liked the song and bought it.

I love me some Nicki but I just can't stand that she's turning into Lady Gaga.

And thanks for the shoutout! :D The Civil Wars are pretty awesome. I actually learned about them from another blogger!

Hannah @ The New Black said...

I've never been one to watch the award shows, but I was thrilled {and not really surprised} by Adele's wins. She's fab.

hotpants™ said...

Bruce does nothing for me either. I love Secret Garden from Jerry Maguire and that's it. The rest of his songs are just MEH.

I love Nicki, but the performance was just too odd. It takes away from her talent and turned potential fans away.

I hate Chris Brown. I wish he wouldn't get invited to/nominated for anything. DOUCHE!

I love Bruno Mars. I love the Rihanna & Coldplay song, but the performance was boring. I only like one Foo Fighters song. I don't get the hype.

And, last but not least, TEAM RUSSELL!