March Magazine Roundup

Adele – Vogue
Love her. She’s so pretty and the pictures are fabulous!

Amanda Seyfried – Glamour
Her makeup is so over the top. She looks like a clown. I like all the colors though.


Ashley Greene – Lucky
I love the rosebush backdrop! She always looks pretty and I’m digging the last dress.

Blake Lively – Elle
Open mouth, blank stare, wet hair in face? Check. So boring, especially for a women’s magazine.

Christina Hendricks – Cosmopolitan UK
Holy boobs! I love her, but her cleavage on the cover is kind of ridiculous.

Christina Ricci – Oyster
I love everything about this spread. She’s so pretty in a strange sort of way. I’m a huge fan.

Daniel Radcliffe - Esquire UK
These are kind of boring, but I like the faded color. He’s definitely getting cuter with age.

David Beckham – Men’s Health
Wow. He really went all out for this shoot, didn’t he? It doesn’t matter. I like his face.

Elizabeth Olsen – Asos
She’s one of my new favorites. I think this spread is kinda fun with it’s ‘80s/hippie vibe.


Evan Rachel Wood – Flaunt
I’m still on the fence about her, but not these photos. Totally boring.

Heidi Klum – InStyle UK
She looks terrible. This article was written before her split. Awkward.

Jennifer Aniston – InStyle
I love the light and colors and clothes and her! Very pretty. The last picture is my favorite.

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd – GQ
Ahhhhhh! They are so cute! I’ve loved them both since Object Of My Affection. Cutest movie ever.

Joe Manganiello – Out
Hot. Every. Single. Picture.

Joe Manganiello – DaMan
I think these are kind of boring. Except that last picture where he’s brooding.

Jon Hamm and Kate Upton – Esquire
Kate’s photos were all NSFW. Jon looks as handsome as ever. I CAN’T WAIT FOR MAD MEN!

Josh Hutcherson – Nylon Guys
He’s on his way to school? I’m not into him, but I’m very into Peeta. Let’s see if my opinion changes after the movie.

Kate Moss – W
What a freaky editorial. Good and evil? I like it though. The photos almost look like sketches. Still so creepy.

Liam Hemsworth – Details
He’s so hot. I still don’t know how Miley snatched him up.


Lily Collins – Nylon
These photos are kind of boring, but she is very pretty. I like the clothes.

Selena Gomez – Cosmopolitan
This is awful! She looks like Kelly Kapowski. Why did Cosmo do this to my girl?

Taylor Momsen – FHM
 I can’t imagine that guys think this is hot. She's gross and needs a shower. (I do like her band though).


Jessica Renee said...

LOVE the Adele and Jennifer Aniston pictures, they are both so freaking gorgeous! And not a fan of Blake Lively either...How could Heidi Klum even let those pictures get published? Yikes!

Christianna said...

I pretty much agree all the way around on this one! There were some great shoots and some really awkward ones.

Aubrey S. said...

Christina Hendricks looks gorgeous! But I agree, the nude inset on the dress makes her boobs look enormous.

Kori Donahue said...

Oh my Beckham and Jon Hamm...thank you girl! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend! Kori xoxo

ErinMSW said...

Adele is gorgeous, but I have to say, I think those photos look heavily photoshopped. She'd be beautiful without it, though! I have a major girl-crush on Jennifer Aniston, and think she looks fabulous in pretty much everything. And damn, Joe Manganiello (the first shoot, not so much the 2nd). Oh, and yes, Selena Gomez does look like Kelly! Ha ha!

Ginny said...

Adele is my all time favorite!!! Love all the magazine covers and pics!! New follower to your blog and would appreciate the follow back. Found you via Kori's Fashion Friday blog hop.


English said...

I have GOT to get my hands on that esquire - loooove me some Daniel Radcliffe!

hotpants™ said...

Joe M. brooding? Yes, please.

Adele & Ashley are both so gorgeous.