Man Candy Monday - Paul Rudd

I’ve loved Paul Rudd since the moment he played Cher's step-brother turned love interest in Clueless. He seems like such a nice guy and he’s an amazing actor. I’ve never seen him play the same character twice. He’s also totally hilarious and very cute!

I always look forward to his movies. Here are some of my favorite characters he plays.

Josh in Clueless

Paris in Romeo + Juliet

George in The Object Of My Affection

Kevin in 200 Cigarettes

Andy in Wet Hot American Summer
(Watch this now!)

Mike in Friends

Chuck in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Ned in Our Idiot Brother

Bobby in Parks And Recreation

I can’t wait to see him in upcoming movies The Perks of Being a Wallflower (based on the book), Wanderlust (with Jennifer Aniston), and This Is Forty (the spin-off of Knocked Up).

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Ashlee Miller said...

Paul Rudd yummy! I love when Phoebe and him got married on friends.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Love him that's for sure! He never disappoints!

Mel said...

That smile! Love him!

Christianna said...

Oh I love me some Paul Rudd! I just saw "Our Idiot Brother" not to long ago and loved it! I had forgotten that he's in "Romeo + Juliet", I need to watch that again!

hotpants™ said...

I love Paul Rudd! I was hoping you would include Crap Bag. That scene with him and Phoebe {Princess Consuela Banana Hammock} is one of my favorites.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

LOVE him!! He gets better with age, too!

So excited about his Parks role!

Casey said...

He really is the best. That's just it.

Jessica Renee said...

Oh. He is so one of my all time favorites. So damn cute! :) I love him in seriously every movie he's ever been in!

Karen Peterson said...

Oh, me likey the Paul Rudd. From around the same time. It was either Clueless or Romeo & Juliet. I can't remember which I saw first. But one of those. And when he married Phoebe on Friends? Could not have been happier!