What’s With The Grumps?

It’s the holiday season. People are supposed to be in good spirits, polite and cheerful, but I’m seeing a lot of negativity out there. I’ve seen five posts in the past two days about how if people only write happy, positive things on Facebook, Twitter and Blogger, then there must be something wrong. They claim that you can’t possibly be that happy, so you’re faking it. While I don't think any of it was directed at me, it just kills me. I’m a positive person. I like to share the good things. I do rant every now and then, more often on Blogger than on Facebook, but I generally try to keep things light and happy. Why shouldn’t I? Why would I want to be like those people that I’ve unfriended or unfollowed who do nothing but complain? I like my life. I’m thankful for my healthy kids, happy husband, good friends and the nice things I have.

My sister wrote a pretty hilarious status update on Facebook about how she sang the entire theme song to Friends and her husband looked at her with a blank stare, having no idea what the song was from. She wrote, “I don’t want to be one of those wives who criticize their husbands on Facebook, but I have to share this...” She got a comment from a friend that said, “When women only say nice things about their husbands, they obviously have marriage problems.” WTF?

I never said that my life is perfect, but who really cares about what I’m currently annoyed with, how bad Nolan’s terrible threes are, or what I last nagged Jacob about? (Milo really is perfect, I never complain about him). Personally, I think that if all you do is gripe about your job/relationship/life, then you are the one with the problem. Especially if you are constantly talking trash about your spouse. That screams marital problems.

So if you want to be Facebook or Twitter friends, I promise you I’m not a grump. And I won’t apologize for it.


Jessica Renee said...

You definitely are not a grump in any way!! That third picture down is SO true, love that. haha!

I'm gonna request you, I'd love to be FB friends too ;)

Christianna said...

I love that you wrote this post! There are so many things to be happy about, and so much good to be found even in the crappiest moments, you just have to look for it! I feel bad for people who don't see life like that. No, the world isn't perfect, but you are the one who controls how you feel about it!

Once again this is a great post Christina! Stay positive, it's awesome!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Just sent you a request :)

I'll be honest, I post about everything - good and bad. I've been trying to not post bad things anymore though :)

I can't believe someone said that to your sister - completely wrong.

I've been livid with my fb "friends" recently. I posted about some dirty football plays and how I don't agree with fans/players being so rude and disrespectful. As a result so many people attacked me because they were "their" teams. I could go on and on but I'll stop there ;)

Point I'm making - great post!!

Sabrina said...

so cute, funny, and true!!!

your life sounds amazing!!



hotpants™ said...

I think the only thing I'm guilty of on FB is talking too much about my kids. People are probably like... STFU, lady!

Bibi said...

Great Post! There is nothing wrong with being positive, we need more positivity in this grumpy world. If people would look at others and see the good things instead only the bad, imagine how much better everything would be!

I had to laugh out loud when I read your recollection of your sister's status -- I don't think she was critizising (spelling?), I can imagine a blank stare from any husband to the friend's tune as being pretty hilarious. And there are people out there who don't talk bad about their spouse and I think it's awesome. there is nothing wrong in their marriage, if you honor, respect and love your significant other and say only good things of the other than that is great! Everyone should be that way.

Great post, absolutely loved it. :)