Our cat, Brian Austin Green (or B, as we always called him), got outside last month while I stepped onto the porch to pick up a package at dinnertime. We didn’t notice he was missing until later that night when the boys were asleep. He cuddled with me on the couch every night when it was nice and quiet, but he was nowhere to be found. Jacob and I searched every room, closet and cabinet and that’s when I figured he must have snuck by me when I opened the door for six seconds. He was sneaky that way and had been trying to get outside lately. Jacob took a peek around the neighborhood during his nightly jog but couldn’t find him anywhere. It was 24 degrees that night. The next morning, I bundled up the boys for a walk so we could look for him some more.

Jacob also came home from work early that day to search the woods behind our house in daylight. We put up posters all around the neighborhood and called the Humane Society lost pet hotline every few hours. Three days later our neighbors told us they saw him in the woods behind their house. It looks like he just froze to death. There were no marks, cuts, bites or broken bones. Poor little kitty. He must have been so sad and so scared.

Nolan knew that B was missing because he helped us look and call out for him all week long. We weren’t ready to explain death to him so we simply said B was all gone. We stored the litter box, cat toys, feeding bowls and scratch posts in the garage. Nolan still talks about him but he always reminds himself that B is gone. He told me that B ran to the rainforest and is playing with the other animals. When we put up the little Christmas tree in the playroom a few weeks ago Nolan started yelling, “Merry Christmas, B!” over and over. He remembered that B hung out under the mini tree all day and all night last Christmas. As much as I miss my cat, my heart is broken for Nolan. That was his buddy!

Thankfully, Nolan doesn’t grasp it completely and moves on quickly after we talk about him. Jacob was ready to get another cat that weekend. I told him I needed to wait. I can’t handle breaking in a new cat while Milo is learning to walk and getting into everything. B was an easy pet. He didn’t bother us or our friends, he tolerated the kids roughhousing with him, he was really sweet and mellow and we could leave him alone for a few days at a time. I think we'll mourn a little and get a new kitty sometime next year.


Jessica Renee said...

I'm so sorry about your sweet cat!That has to be hard seeing your son with his best friend. Once y'all are ready I'm sure he'll love another cat just as much though :)

Christianna said...

So sad! Sorry that that all happened. Hopefully you guys find another kitty that is just as awesome one day!

Sabrina said...

Holy moly, I don't even like cats and this made me cry in my office. Bless Jacobs little heart. AAWW... man that hits hard. I am so sorry for your loss, but thank goodness you have a happy home and you will all move on. B, was lucky to have you as his family!

Lauren said...

Aww, I'm so sorry you lost your little friend :( B looked like an amazing cat, look at those amazingly adorable photos! I love the picture where B & Nolan are looking out the window, so cute. Hopefully the new year will bring in more new, lovely things!


hotpants™ said...

This totally breaks my kitty loving heart. Those pics are all so sweet. I'm so sorry. :(