I think there are just as many new and returning shows this winter that I plan to watch as there were last fall. How am I going to keep up?

Pretty Little Liars Everyone loves this show as soon as they give it a shot. I’ve been watching since day one. I still love it and I still have no clue who A is.

It’s A Brad, Brad World I’ve been excited for this show since I heard about it. This is Brad Goreski's (Rachel Zoe's former assistant) own show about styling. I stopped watching The Rachel Zoe Project because she got really, really annoying. Brad will be the perfect replacement!

Jersey Shore Love it. I thought this was the final season, but I’ve been reading rumblings of a possible sixth season. A few cast mates have already begun filming their spinoffs. And I’ll probably watch all of those too!

One Tree Hill Yeah, I still watch this terrible show, but only for Sophia Bush. I fast forward the rest. This is the last season so I hope she does something really great next!

Are You There, Chelsea? I’m curious about this show based on Chelsea’s life, though I’m not crazy about the cast. Laura Prepon kinda bugs me and Jo Koy isn’t in it anymore. (He was dropped for creative reasons. Hmmm…)

30 Rock  FINALLY! Tina Fey just had to go and have a baby and remove my favorite show from the fall lineup. I’m so glad it’s back!!!

Skins Series 6 starts in the UK. I've got to find it online somewhere. I'm obsessed with this show. It's nothing like the crappy MTV version that came out last year. The first five series are on Netflix Instant. Watch. Them. Now.

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes This is one of the few shows Jacob and I watch together. He likes the missions, I like the drama! I cannot wait to see some of my favorite crazies!

Smash Being a theater lover, I’m pretty excited about this show that revolves around putting on a musical about Marilyn Monroe. Especially because I love Katharine McPhee. I just hope it’s not really cheesy.

Fashion Star This feels like a rip off of Project Runway, but they are focusing on the next big brand. I’m going to give it a shot because Nicole Richie is a mentor and I absolutely love her. The other two mentors are Jessica Simpson and John Varvatos and the show will be hosted by Elle McPherson.

Mad Men I've been missing this show so much! Last season was nuts and I'm expecting this one to be even weirder.

What shows are you gonna watch?


Hannah @ The New Black said...

I haven't seen any of those, with the exception of 30 Rock, but I haven't watched it for the past few seasons. I've seen clips of Jersey Shore here and there but couldn't stand to watch more than that. I am dying for the Grey's Anatomy to start up again. The last episode was such a cliffhanger!

kenli said...

ah i'm so excited for pll! also - i can't wait for are you there vodka? isn't she everyone's guilty pleasure?

hotpants™ said...

I will give Chelsea's show a chance. I didn't know Jo Koy wasn't going to be on. Love him!

I don't know who A is either and it's bugging me. I think I'm going to give Rob Schneider's new sitcom a chance.

Christianna said...

I don't tend to watch shows until late! Can't wait for Glee, New Girl, Once Upon A Time and Grimm to come back on. And I can't wait for Fringe and Nikita to come out on DVD, but that will take awhile...

Lauren said...

Woah! You'll be busy! I really want to watch 'pretty little liars'. I think i'll treat myself to it this week!


Bibi said...

Wow, there's a bunch of show's starting! I think the girls from Pretty Little Liars are very pretty!