Cheers & Jeers (Holiday Edition)

I really, really love buying Christmas presents for people. I put a lot of thought and effort into the gifts and everyone says I do a great job and get them exactly what they like. My husband doesn’t always agree with that statement because sometimes I buy him clothes that I like, not him. But isn’t that a wifely duty? I really don’t care about receiving gifts. The holidays are about spending time with family, traditions, good food, cheer, snow, and experiencing it all through my children’s eyes. But since holiday shopping is a national pastime, I thought this edition of Cheers & Jeers should be about the gifts I like and do not like. There’s nothing worse than putting time, money and thoughtfulness into a gift for someone and getting something totally lame in return.

Cheers to something thoughtful. Recognizing things I like and then really, really thinking about a variation of that item or idea is awesome. My sister is amazing at this. She’s never once asked me what I want. She always knows what I want before I even know it!

Cheers to something off wish lists. I have Amazon and Etsy wish lists along with a wish list board on Pinterest. If you’re smart, you will just search for someone’s list on various websites. Giving someone exactly what they want without asking them first is so much fun.

Cheers to experiences. I would rather get tickets to a musical, concert, sporting event or comedian over a physical present any day. I have a lot of stuff. I don’t really need anymore. Going out, having fun and spending time with a friend means a lot more to me these days.

Cheers to gifts for my kids. Like I just said, I have a lot of stuff. I’d much rather see my kids get excited over a simple new toy then receive something for myself.

Cheers to something practical. I’m probably in the minority here, but I love getting things I’ll actually use: a flat iron, iPod, Kitchen Aid mixer, etc. This year, Jacob and I aren’t getting each other Christmas presents. Instead we’re buying a new smart TV for the bedroom, a new printer and installing central air in our house. I’m 100% ok with this.

Cheers to gift cards. It’s impersonal, but I’ll take them over a crappy present any day. Even when I got a gift card to Sears from an extended family member, I was happy to go spend it on some Carter’s baby clothes. Macy’s, iTunes, Gap, Target and Barnes & Noble are my favorite! You can’t go wrong giving someone the gift of shopping.

- - - - -

Jeers to IOUs. I got two of these from the same person for Christmas and my birthday last year. Why? She knows I’m not going to call her up and say, “Well, you did say you’d take me to…” It’s basically giving someone nothing.

Jeers to food. Whether it’s a box of chocolates, bottle of wine or cheese and cracker tray, it’s so impersonal and the lack of effort shows! Unless it’s for a client, colleague, delivery man, or someone else you don’t know well, this is not ok. An exception is a favorite food from another geographical area or something rare, expensive or homemade. Just not fruitcake.

Jeers to jewelry. I don’t wear much jewelry, but when I do I want it to be my style. My mom, sister, husband and BFF are the only ones allowed to buy jewelry for me. No, friend, I don’t want some random beaded item from your aunt’s Etsy store.

Jeers to perfume. Everyone has a preference and unless you know the person really well or are buying a fragrance they are running low on, don’t do it. Just about every perfume I’ve been given gives me a headache.

Jeers to candles, bath beads, lotions and potions. Similar to perfume, everyone likes particular scents. Don’t guess that I like vanilla. I hate it. It smells like cigarette smoke to me. And I have sensitive skin so I stick to certain brands, which means I can’t even use your dollar store body wash.

Jeers to things I already have. If I’m, say, a golfer or a great cook (I’m neither), don’t get me golf balls or cooking utensils. I already have plenty of them and you probably just gave me something cheap and useless. For instance, I'm a movie watcher. Check to see which ones I have before you buy me something that I quote constantly and came out six years ago. Chances are I already have it.

I hope this helps a little with your holiday shopping!


Christianna said...

Hahahahaha, I pretty agree on all counts shared here today! Except the food thing. Sometimes a home baked good is a cool gift, if it's someones favorite cookies or something like that. And if you made it, it means you thought about it!

Jessica Renee said...

I fully agree with this entire post!! I've definitely received one too many pieces of jewelry (and clothing!) that I will never wear. You can't just assume people's taste! But at least your family knows you well so you don't get totally jipped each year! lol

Jules said...

This is such a great post and I could not agree more. If you really know someone, you shouldn't have to even guess what to get them. Amazon and Pinterest are so great for giving a little hint, hint to people. I also like "jazzing" up gift cards when I give them (example: give a Starbucks gift card with a coffee mug).

Samantha said...

I couldn't agree more with this post. How some of those gifts that are wrapped are so creative! If only there was enough time to wrap everyone's gifts like that :)

xo, Samantha

hotpants™ said...

It's already been broughten.