I've Been...

I’ve been listening to these cds:

I haven’t listened to Kelly’s new album, but it’s on my iPhone, ready for my next car ride. I’m all about the Christmas music right now. She & Him’s (that just sounds wrong) album is really cute, but Bublé is where it’s at. He’s got a voice that’s made for Christmas tunes! Blink 182 surprised me. I loved them with all my heart in college, but started to get annoyed with them as I grew up. I wasn’t expecting to really like this cd, but I do. A lot. Britney remixes are awesome! Some are better than the original songs. As I mentioned here, I love Selena.

I've been watching these music videos:

I still love the Britney video. Rihanna’s video is intense. It reminds me of the UK show Skins. (Seriously guys, like I said before, you have to watch Skins). I really love that song and I haven’t loved a Rihanna song in a long time. Adele is just amazing. She doesn’t have to do anything glitzy or glamorous. She just walks down the street and I feel her pain. Plus, she’s in Paris so it’s freaking beautiful. Beyoncé never disappoints. I really love this one.

I’ve been reading these books:

Demitri Martin’s book maked me chuckle. I love Laurie Notaro books, but this wasn’t her best one. Levi Johnston’s was just bad. I expected that though. But I couldn’t help it. The Palin family is a train wreck that I can’t look away from! I read it in two days. It helped that his sentences were about five words long.

I’ve been TiVoing these new shows:

Up All Night isn’t bringing the laughs, but I love the cast so much I can’t give up on it. Whitney is ok, but she really overacts, but I like the rest of the cast and I do think the show is pretty funny. I can’t get enough of American Horror Story. I have to watch it alone because Jacob hates horror. But it’s sooo good. It’s creepy and weird and I never understand what’s going on. The cast is pretty amazing too. Hart of Dixie is so cute. Anything with Rachel Bilson is worth watching! She’s adorable. I’m not sold on New Girl yet. I think Jess borders on retarded and she annoys me more than she makes me laugh. I’m prepared to get lots and lots of crap for hatin’ on America’s newest sweetheart. 2 Broke Girls is pretty funny. I love Caroline but I think Max might be too much of a downer for me. The tension between Max and Nick Zano’s character is silly and hot at the same time! I sorta feel like the quality of this show isn't the best, like it belongs on the WB back when they had What I Like About You. I liked that show though, so it’s all good.

I've been deleting these shows:

Rachel Zoe annoyed me soooo much this season. She was whiny and irritating and treated Rodger like crap. I’m over her. I deleted my season pass four episodes in. I haven’t been feeling Chelsea Lately for a few months and finally pulled the plug on that one. Pan Am couldn’t keep me interested. I really wanted to like it because I love Christina Ricci and the time frame, but the acting was bad and storylines were stupid. Gossip Girl bored me as well. They are just too old to be getting into the same old shenanigans.

I’ve been seeing these movies:

Paranormal Activity 3 was just the same as the other two. Bad acting, annoying characters and just a few scary moments. Not enough to make a good movie. Drive was intense. Really intense. I didn’t read much about it before I saw it, so I wasn’t expecting the outcome at all. There were hardly any words, but Ryan was perfection and I have a major new girl crush on Carey Mulligan. And I want the soundtrack, stat. I raved about The Ides of March here. So far it's still my favorite movie of the year.

And I’ve been Netflixing these ones:

Paranormal Activity 2 was alright. Better than the first one in my opinion. The Other Woman made me cry for two hours straight. It was very depressing and Natalie Portman did an amazing job! Arthur was actually pretty funny. Russell Brand was toned down a little and I liked it. Bad Teacher was funny too. I liked Cameron’s character a lot! Win Win was great. A little slow, but a lot of heart. I was prepared to hate Something Borrowed because I don’t like rom coms, but this one was cute. I probably liked it because I love John Krasinski and Ginnifer Goodwin so much. The Greatest Movie Ever Sold was interesting. I love documentaries though. Scream 4 was just like the other scream movies, in a good way. It reminded me of being a teenager. I really loved Hayden Panettiere’s hair! Wet Hot American Summer is a movie that’s been in my queue for years. It was equally stupid and hilarious. I recommend it, just for the amazing cast!

What have you been up to?


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

OK so there's a lot going on here...where do I start? The band I'm into right now is The Civil Wars. Kinda obsessed. Movies - anything scary. I feel like this Halloween was lame as fqar as scary movies on TV goes. TV shows - also loving The New Girl. And i didn't even want to watch when it first came on! I also love Happy Endings and pretty much everything on the CW. Do you watch The Vampire Diaries?

Christianna said...

I still need to get the Michael and She & Him Christmas albums, and Selena's CD!

Totally digging Hart of Dixie, The New Girl and I want to check out American Horror Story. I just started watching GRIMM and I'm loving it!

You liked "Something Barrowed"? I liked the cast, but thought none of the characters had brains...

hotpants™ said...

Love the Brit song and video! I stopped watching Up All Night and Pan Am. I love love love New Girl. I like 2 Broke Girls a lot too. I caught up on Grimm and Once Upon A Time.