Harajuku Mini for Target

Harajuku Mini by Gwen Stefani is hitting Target on November 13! Gwen is right up there with Britney on my favorite people list and I’m much more excited about this line than I was for Missoni. Yeah, I know, these clothes are for minis, but I have two minis and I can’t wait to dress them super kawaii (that means super cute in Japanese). Gwen said the collection was inspired by the colorful children's clothing found in Japan and has a mix of ballerina tutus, graphic tees, biker jackets and zip-up hoodies. I’m all over it for my boys!

Nolan is getting the yellow tee, blue tee and black hoodie. I’m dying for the plaid pants, but I don’t know that Jacob will go for it.

Milo is getting the first two outfits; I’m A Monster and the lion. So cute!

I’m absolutely buying this hoodie for Milo, even though Jacob hates it. I LOVE it.

Here are a few things from the toddler girl’s line. I love the coat and the tutus are so much fun.

If I had a baby girl, she’d be getting every single thing. It’s all so adorable!

I think the tween collection is perfect. The casual clothes look like Gwen's tour outfits and the whole line is age appropriate. Love that.

Prices are really reasonable too, ranging from $3.99 to $29.99. November 13 is a Sunday, but I already know Jacob has to work that weekend. This means I’m lugging my kids to Target with me bright and early. After the Missoni site crashing incident, I’m not taking my chances online. I read somewhere that there will be future collections for Target by Gwen. I really hope she keeps it coming because I’m in love!

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Jessica Renee said...

ohmygoodness the ones you're getting are ridiculously cute! And I most definitely need all of those baby girl clothes!! haha

tara said...

Omg! How cute!!! Almost makes me want a kid! ;)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How cute are the panda outfits?! I love Gwen, too! Apparantly we lived in an apartment right next to her high school right after I was born (and I was born in Anaheim). So we kinda have a connection ;) hehe jk!

Christianna said...

Love her! I saw her live a few years ago, and she's pretty brilliant!

Olivia said...

Hi there Christina... nice to meet you. Looking forward to hearing from you. :) my e-mail is listed in the contact me tab.

hotpants™ said...

I'm not really digging the boy's line, but the girl's clothes are so cute!