Disney: Day Two

Read about day one right here.

On Saturday morning, we hit California Adventure because it's always less crowded than Disneyland, especially on the weekend. We also get to sleep in a little because the park opens and hour later than Disneyland. But once we're up, showered and slathered in sunscreen, we get the same exact breakfast at the same exact breakfast place as the day before. Gotta carb load!

The Hollywood Pictures Backlot opens later than the rest of the park, so we take this opportunity to ride Soarin' Over California. After we ride it once we grab a fast pass for later. This is the best ride to go on in the middle of the hot day because there's a nice air conditioned orange scented breeze.

When the Backlot does open, we walk as fast as we can (running is not allowed) to The Tower of Terror. It's my absolute favorite ride on the planet. Read all about it here. We ride this at least three times in a row because the line is only about ten minutes long in the morning. Then we grab a fast pass for later.

Then we make our way over to Paradise Pier to ride California Screamin' twice. The line there isn't that long in the morning either and we don't get a fast pass because we don't come back to this part of the park for the rest of the day. It's a pretty fun traditional roller coaster with one loop. I especially love the launch in the beginning.

 We grab sandwiches or soup in a bread bowl at Pacific Wharf Cafe for an early lunch.

Then we make our way around the Pier and ride a few of the little rides and play some games. I refused to ride the Maliboomer after that incident at Six Flags in 2007 when a girl's feet were severed by a cable that snapped, whipped up and hit her legs. I know it was a freak accident and I've been on this type of ride many times, but I just can't do anymore. The Maliboomer was taken down last fall anyway.

We also avoid Mickey's Fun Wheel now. We went on it every year until one time when it stopped mid-ride and was down for twenty minutes. We were in one of the swinging baskets at the top so we swung around for a while and then just sat there. We weren't scared, just really bored and hot. The main reason to ride the Fun Wheel is for the view and since we've seen it a few times, it's just not that interesting to us anymore. One good thing about this ride is that there's never a line.

I have yet to ride Toy Story Mania but everyone says it's awesome. It opened a few weeks before our last trip down there so the lines were out of control and we decided to skip it.

We make our way to Golden State and they ride Grizzly River Run. Since I'm a party pooper and hate getting wet, I usually sit this one out. I just really don't like walking around in wet clothes and especially wet shoes afterwards. I've used plastic ponchos before, but somehow an entire leg still gets wet. So they go on and have a blast and I take their picture at the bottom of a waterfall.

We head on over to A Bug's Land and catch the 4-D movie "A Bugs Life." It's a nice way to get off our feet and cool off. Plus, it's cute.

We use our fast pass for Soarin' Over California and then make our way to the candy store near the entrance of the park to pick up some goodies to snack on while we watch the Pixar parade.

After the parade we go back to the Backlot to catch an afternoon performance of Aladdin. It's the same performance every year, but we ALWAYS see it. Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie and the play is so fun and cute and another good place to rest in the nice, dark, air conditioned theater! 

Then we scoot on over to the Tower of Terror to use our fast pass and grab another one! I know. We're obsessed. We hang out for a while in the Backlot and watch street performers, ride Monsters Inc., check out Turtle Talk with Crush, and play in the Sorcerer's Workshop. Make sure you sing a song in Ursula's Grotto. It's hilarious!

We take one final ride on the Tower of Terror and head to Downtown Disney to eat dinner and shop. Then we make our way over to Disneyland to squeeze in a few rides during the night time shows when the lines are short. Now that there are some new cool things at California Adventure, I think we'll stick around next time. We haven't been on Ariel's Undersea Adventure and we haven't seen the new fountain show, World Of Color.

This is what the fountain/lake looked like the last time we were there.

The fountain is complete, but they are still expanding. Cars Land will be a brand new section of the park, while the Hollywood Pictures Backlot will be renamed Hollywoodland with a 1930s feel. The entrance to the park is getting a major overhaul and the area will be called Buena Vista Street. It will resemble LA in the early 1920s when Walt Disney first arrived, with Art Deco buildings and '20s themed shops and restaurants.

On Sunday morning, we get up around 4:00 am (!!) in order to catch the first flight out of OC at 6:45 and we’re home by noon. Just enough time to unpack, do laundry, rest and recuperate before work on Monday morning.

Now before I get crap for missing out on your favorite food, ride or attraction, I have to tell you, I’ve done it all. I’ve seen every show, 3-D movie and parade. I’ve been on every single ride, including all the kiddie ones and every boat and kayak. I’ve explored the island and tree house and eaten at almost every restaurant. This is just what we like best and this formula has worked for us the last four trips. We have a blast, squeeze in a ton of fun and make the best memories.

I'm dying to go back!!! I think we're going to wait until the expansion of California Adventure is finished before we go again though. And I can't wait until the boys are a little older so we can go on our first real family vacation. I refuse to go until they are tall enough for every ride and can hold their own during a day of walking. I know, I'm totally selfish.


Christianna said...

Cool! It's fun to see how other people do it! And yes, they did re vamp "Star Tours", it's even better then before. I wasn't a firm believer, but Disney proved me wrong!

M.R. said...

I love tower of terror too- it's the best!
thanks for stopping by my blog!
I'm following you now!

and I replied to your comment from Tues :-)


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I got scared for a sec and thought you were in town and I missed ya! lol! I haven't been to Disney in a few years now :( I used to get passes every year but once I moved to LA I stopped since it's a bit out of my way and Saturdays are blacked out (I'm not rich, I don't get the most expensive pass lol).

It's so nice to just go for a few hours and grab dinner and jump on a ride of two. For some reason though, I rarely go to Cal Adv. Dumb, I know.