Breaking Dawn Magazine Roundup

First up I gotta share my call log so you can all see that I obviously missed a call from Jacob Black on Wednesday.

I haven’t been to Forks since I was a kid, but it's like a ghost town. (I want to go back and do the Twilight Tour. It’s about a three hour drive from me. Road trip, anyone?) It’s a smaaaaaal town with maybe 1,000 houses. So who else would call me?

Well Jacob he called again the yesterday and this time I answered it.

Stupid Comcast representative with the wrong number. Bummer.

And now on to the fashion!

Alex Meraz - Troix
I don't know much about Paul, but I want to! He's hot. I feel like going to a laundromat now.

Anna Kendrick – Zooey
She's so pretty, such a good actress and a busy bee. I'm excited to see more of her next year!

Ashley Greene – Allure
Something is weird about the cover photo. But she is always beautiful!

Ashley Greene – BlackBook
I love this set! Her dark hair is perfect.

Ashley Greene – Flare
Pretty, pretty clothes!

Jackson Rathbone - Ouch
I know some of you really love him, but I don't get the appeal.

Julia Jones – Boston Common
This wasn't a cover, but she is so gorgeous I had to share!

Kellan Lutz – Nylon Guys
Hot. Hot. Hot.

Kellan Lutz – Men’s Fitness
Dude is strong, y'all.

Kristen Stewart – British GQ
I really love this pin-upy shoot. But does she ever close her mouth? Since it's GQ, it's probably required.

Kristen Stewart – Glamour
She looks so great! Fierce, even.


Kristen Stewart – Glamour UK
Kinda boring, but she really is a pretty girl. Sometimes I forget because she never looks put together.

Kristen Stewart - Vogue Italia spread
I love these! Her hair is weird, but the clothes are perfect and I love all the green.

MyAnna Buring by Alex Beer
This wasn't in a magazine, but it's such a beautiful photo shoot! I can't wait to see her play Tanya.

Nikki Reed – Saturday Night
These look like senior portraits, but there is no denying that she's the prettiest vampire!

Peter Facinelli - Defy
He's so freaking hot. I love him. (Any Nurse Jackie fans out there?)

Taylor Lautner - L'uomo Vogue
Really cool photo shoot. I'm still not feeling the mini moustache though.

Taylor Lautner – Australia GQ
Taylor in a suit? SWOON.

Don't kill me, but I'm definitely liking the wolves more than the vamps.


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Lol! Is it sad that I had no idea those were cast members from Twilight until about half way through? I do want to see the latest movie though!

And get a call from Jacob...lol :)

Jules said...

The Twilight stars sure are making the rounds. I have to say that I'm loving Ashley Greene's spread in Flare magazine. That black dress with the red flower is stunning.

Peter Facinelli is such a hottie. I'll always remember his as Mike Dexter from Can't Hardly Wait :)

I'd be so excited if someone from Forks called my phone!

Christianna said...

If I lived closer to you I'd road trip to Forks, just for the hell of it!

Kristen is looking really pretty, Taylor's stache makes me laugh, and I can't believe that "you just don't get the appeal". You must have sipped some crazy juice or something. Lol.

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

Gorgeous Editorials I love All of Kristen's and Ashley's...

Kori Donahue said...

Love the photos of Ashley. Fabulous post as always honey. Have a great weekend and thanks so much for linking up! Kori xoxo

hotpants™ said...

Kristen and Ashley are both gorgeous gorgeous girls.

Raven said...

ok so about halfway down I realized these were all vampires? Confession: I have never ever seen Twilight or that other one or any vampire shows on TV. serious. I don't know, vampires just aren't my thing?

[SMASH] said...

YUM. All these shoots looked really good. I die over Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed. <3