And The Winner Is...


My husband's first MMA fight was last Saturday night. (For the full story, read here). While I was sitting at home, trying to stay busy with the kids and keep my blood pressure from rising, he was at 7 Cedars Casino getting ready to kick some butt.

He took the cage around 8:30pm and I got five texts just three minutes later that all said he won and most importantly, he was unharmed. He won by first round submission. He performed a well-executed standing guillotine choke which put his opponent to sleep. Literally. The other guy passed out. And all this took a total of 28 seconds. I’m so proud! Take a look for yourself.

I just hope this doesn’t mean he’s ready to get back in there to see some real action any time soon! He said he’ll make that decision after the New Year. He’s excited ease up on the training, spend time with us and eat, eat, eat.


hotpants™ said...

I still can't believe this. So awesome!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I can't watch. This stuff freaks me out. But glad he wasn't hurt!

Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

that is so awesome! congrats to his win.

before i started doing muay thai, i couldn't watch fighting of any kind - boxing, MMA, muay thai etc....even the TKD/Judo competitions (ie. in olympics/pan am games etc) were hard for me to watch. now that i train and understand the sport, i can totally watch it and not feel bad for the person losing because i know he/she also trained hard (that's why it was so hard for me - i felt sorry for the guy getting his ass kicked!) .