Seven Randoms

1. I was a band geek. I played clarinet from 5th grade through 12th. I wasn't great, but I didn't try that hard. It was mostly for socialization and band trips with cute boys. Not all band geeks are ugly! My boyfriend was in for a while too so that made the trips more fun. The day after I graduated high school I sold my clarinet. I was over it, but I do have a great appreciation for music because of it.

2. I’m a 32 year old mom and I still love The CW. My favorite is 90210, but I also watch Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and Hart of Dixie. I also plan to start watching The Vampire Diaries from the beginning.

3. While I was dating a co-worker another co-worker announced she was pregnant with his baby. I had no idea they had once been in a relationship. It probably shouldn’t have surprised me because we kept our "relationship" a secret, too. So freaking awkward.

4. I got a bloody nose in the nosebleed section at Petco Park during a Padres game about five years ago. It lasted for-ev-er and people next to me were offering their napkins. So embarrassing.

5. In high school, my friends and I would go see our boyfriends’ garage bands play little local shows and take energy pills called Mini Thins. They speed up your heart rate but make you feel relaxed and numb at the same time. Your skin and scalp get super sensitive so when anyone touches you, it tingles. So stupid, I know. Those were the only “drugs” I did in high school and I did it less than five times.

6. My great grandma’s parents migrated to the U.S. from Transylvania when she was a kid. I guess that would make me part vampire, right?

7. And yes, I am extremely pale. I don't tan (on accident or on purpose) and I wear sunscreen every single day, even in January. The freckles on my face have faded, but they are still prominent on my shoulders, back, and arms. In the beginning of 7th grade some stupid boy made fun of them and I wore long sleeve shirts for the rest of the year. Even in May and June. I don’t know how I got over it, but the long sleeve phase only lasted that year.


hotpants™ said...

My husband used to pop Mini Thins like candy when we first met. I popped a few Xanax in high school. Crazy!

KDC Events said...

HAHA! I remember mini thins!! I too am ultra pale and NEVER tan. Stinks sometimes, but I have come to love the spray tan =)

Christianna said...

I knew you were part vampire! That explains the "Twilight" corn maze.

And your co-workers having each others babies, and putting you in the middle, not cool.

I LOVE the CW too, though I watch "The Vampire Diaries", "The Secret Circle", "ANTM" and "Hart Of Dixie"! I'm totally digging "Hart Of Dixie"!

Lacey said...

Aw thanks!!! I seriously love every single one of these facts you posted lol especially the coworker one wtf lol!!

Casey said...

Thank you so so much! You're so sweet!

shout outs to you here: http://www.poodleism.com/2011/10/new-award-thanks.html