I'm having a rough day. My BFF is driving to California as I post this. He got an amazing promotion and it requires him to relocate. I'm so excited for him. He deserves the job and has always been up for a move to somewhere new. He's going on to bigger, better things and I'm proud of him. But I'm also feeling selfish and I don't want my best friend to leave me.

BFF and I met on December 31, 1998. We have a mutual friend and she invited him tag along to a NYE party with us. On the way to the party we crammed in the front seat of her old truck. Um, hi, nice to meet you, random dude in my face. That night we totally hit it off. We had the exact same sense of humor and a ton in common. I'm sure the alcohol helped, but whatever. We bonded as we rung in the New Year and we became fast friends.

A few months later some friends and I rented a house. We had little (and sometimes big) house parties just about every weekend and I always made sure BFF was invited. Soon we were hanging out when alcohol wasn't involved. When it was time to register for school the next quarter, we made sure we had some classes together.

After getting our Associates Degrees, my roommates and I transferred to a university, but BFF stayed behind for his job. I kinda thought that our friendship would fade because there was only a year and a half of history there. But he came up to visit often and every time I went home to see my family and Jacob, we always hung out. I'm sure our phone conversations made us better friends because we weren't just having fun and partying, we were talking about real things. It was official. We were best friends forever.

Throughout the years I've watched him advance in his career while he's watched me get married and have babies. He was even in my wedding party, standing on my side, right next to my sister. We have all kinds of fun together. He's my scary/stupid movie buddy. We have the same taste in music, he loves Britney and No Doubt just as much as I do, and we go to almost every concert together. We're always down to do something fun and random or absolutely nothing at all. We call each other every other day to gossip and rant and I love living vicariously through his fun life and dating adventures.

I know we’ll talk constantly and hopefully see each other often too. Flights from Seattle to Sacramento aren’t that expensive, so I can take weekend trips to see him (kid-free!) and he already has trips planned to come back in October and December. We’ll still go on vacations together too, we’ll just have to take different flights. But still, it’s not the same. I think Jacob’s kind of sad too. He thinks the key to a great marriage is the wife’s gay best friend. Now I’m going to have to drag him to all the things BFF and I used to do together. So I guess I'm taking applications for new friends in the Seattle area who like all the same stupid things that I do! Or if you live far away (ahem, Leeann), just move here and hang out with me!

(At Britney. Duh.)


Christianna said...

Awwwww, your BFF is lucky to have you in his life! It's all for the best even if the change is weird! Now you can come visit me when you come to visit him!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Hehe! I really am not partial to Hollywood anymore...just saying :)

Poor thing. That's gotta be tough. Hopefully you two will get to visit each other often!

Natalie Leung said...

Oh I understand what you're going through! I hope you feel better, He will always be your BFF as long as you put aside time for each other :)
What a great post!