Getting Along Swimmingly

Can you believe that I haven't been swimming once this summer? We lived in an apartment last year while we were transitioning between houses and we were in that pool at least three times a week. It was a warm summer and I was pregnant so it was great relief for me and my swollen feet. And Nolan turned into a little water baby!

This year, we don't have access to an outdoor pool and the weather hasn't been warm enough to venture to our lake property. It's a teeny tiny lake that doesn't even allow motor boats. It's calm and quiet and mountain fed so it is freezing! It's cold on even the hottest of days. So we didn't want to attempt it with our little ones, for fear that they'd turn blue three minutes into our water play. 

We didn't want Nolan to miss out on swimming this summer so we signed him up for lessons and Jacob happily joins him in the water every Tuesday and Thursday night. Sometimes I go, hold Milo in the bleachers and watch. Other times I stay home and so Milo and I can have some uninterrupted bonding time. We are a swimming family. Jacob was on the swim team. I love to swim, though I don’t have the best form. Nolan can’t get enough of splashing, dunking, kicking and jumping in. And Milo? Well, he hasn’t had that opportunity just yet but I’m sure he’ll love it as much as we do.

All I know is I would kill for a dip in a pool, preferably not a dumpster pool, but one of these ones instead:

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Lace said...

I didn't swim nearly as much as I would have liked this summer either. But unlike you, every body of water(pools included) around me is just too stinkin' hot!

!!! Question !!!
Did the pillow make it to you? I shipped pillow number 2 off early last week. PRAYING it made it there this time! I haven't checked the tracking number b/c we've been dealing with a tropical storm down here and it's been a little loco.