Fall Movies

I've always preferred fall movies over summer movies. They always have more heart, more suspense, and better plots. And there are less action, remake, sequel and comic book movies. Here are the ones I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Ryan Gosling? Fast cars? A heist? I’m in.

I'm so glad Taylor Lautner didn't make a stupid movie.
He's reason enough for me to see it, but with a good plot, it'll be a nice movie for date night.

What’s Your Number?
Honestly, it looks pretty stupid, but I like the cast, especially Anna Faris.
I don’t know if I’ll be able to find anyone to go with me, so I might end up Netflixing it.

With Paul Rudd, Jennifer Anniston and Malin Ackerman, I’m down.

Dream House
I’m totally freaked out just by the trailer. It should be a good movie!

I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He can do no wrong. Anna Kendrick is pretty great too. This movie could be uplifting or really, really sad.
I’ve lost A LOT of family to cancer in the past few years, so I’ll probably bawl.

The Ides of March
Great cast, interesting plot. This is one of my must see movies this season.

Fireflies in the Garden
Intense. I love Ryan and I'm interested to see him in this type of dark role.

Martha Marcy May Marlene
Look at the little Olsen sister! I don't really understand the plot, but it looks totally creepy.

In Time
I still don’t know how I feel about JT acting, but this movie looks interesting enough. Another good date night movie.

Like Crazy
This looks really sweet. And sad.

My Week With Marilyn
I didn’t think Michelle Williams was a good choice, but she looks amazing.

J. Edgar
I’m pretty interested in this story. Plus, it’s got Leo (and a bunch of other really great people). That’s enough for me.

I may be the only one left who loves Kirsten. I want to see this depressing movie for sure.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 1)
Do I really have to justify this one?

I love the cast. I love that it takes place in one day. It looks really entertaining.

The Descendants
This looks so good. George never makes a bad movie.

Whoa, that's a lot of movies.  And here are the movies I will never, ever see:

The Human Centipede 2. Really? A second one? That’s just absurd!

The Big Year. Anything with Jack Black and/or Steve Martin is awful in my book. They are both so, so annoying.

Footloose. Like I said before, it looks pretty stupid, but I’m sure I’ll Netflix it at some point.

Johnny English Reborn. So stupid. Sometimes British humor is brilliant and sometimes it’s just plain dumb.

Tower Heist. This cast is just ridiculous and what a played out plot.

What are your must-see fall movies?


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Why have I never heard of half of these movies? Lol!

Now I want to see a bunch of them, though. Especially scary/suspenseful movies - love them around Halloween!

Of course I want to see 50/50 because I am in love with JGL :)

Christianna said...

"Dream House" looks freaking scary! Love it!

Ok and I totally love me some Kristin as well! She's great, what happened to her? She should be doing more movies then she is!

Krista said...

Now I know where to come to watch all of the trailers!! Holy movie watching!!

hotpants™ said...

The Anna Faris movie looks really dumb to me too. I really want to see The Ides of March, Drive and 50/50. I still need to see The Help. I'm seriously behind on movies. I don't get to the theater much anymore.

I'll be there on November 18 though. You can put money on it. :)