Bag Salad

Have you ever bought a bag salad?

When I was young and free, my BFF and I had a “date night” every week. We’d grab some take out and go back to his place to watch The O.C. Every once in a while we’d cook dinner for ourselves and that almost always included a bag of Caesar salad. Until one day.

While I was busy plating our spaghetti and garlic bread, BFF prepared our salad. He carefully mixed in the Caesar dressing and croutons then topped it with the little pouch of parmesan cheese. With our dinner in hand, we sat down to enjoy Seth and Summer’s witty banter and to see what kind of mess Marissa and Ryan got themselves into this week. I was able to take a few bites before BFF freaked out and tossed his plate on the coffee table. Once he calmed down, we looked at his discovery. A lady bug. In the bag salad.

I have an irrational fear of lady bugs. Just posting the above picture just gave me the creeps. I'm afraid of moths and butterflies too. Basically any flying insects. And birds. But I digress.

Even though it wasn’t flying around at my face, I instantly felt like puking and we both threw our food away. The bug was dead and a little on the dry side, but still, so gross.

I swore off bag salads for a long time. But now, we eat them about twice a week. It’s just so easy and convenient. I usually buy a bag of spinach and add sliced almonds and dried cranberries with vinaigrette dressing. I also add chopped walnuts, diced Roma tomatoes, and blue cheese crumbles to a bag of mixed greens and top it with raspberry walnut vinaigrette. Or I’ll get a bag of American and add shredded cheddar cheese, chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, and top it with ranch and sunflower seeds. They are just so easy and fast. Have you tried any of the new kits? I didn't really like Strawberry Fields, but Apples & Cheddar is goooood. I still need to try Pear Gorgonzola before the summer is over. I typically try these kits once and then recreate them on my own.

The package says “ready to eat,” but I always make sure to wash and inspect it first!

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Hannah @ The New Black said...

Ick. I found a dead bug in a bag of bagels I bought last week. Worst part was I found it after my guy and I had each already eaten one. Ugh, I am on the verge of dry heaving again as I type this!

Liz Taylor Training said...

gross gross gross

Christianna said...

Ewwwww, that's just nasty! Sorry your afraid of ladybugs. How do you ever make it through "A Bug's Life"?

Thanks so much for linking up :)

Lace said...

Lady bugs don't freak me out, but I surely don't want to eat them. I'm not big on the bag salads. They tend to always be kind of dry anytime I've bought them. I get the lettuce mixes that come in the plastic cartons(I know walmart has them) they are not salad mixes, but I'm fine with that. I usually grab a spring mix and then go buy the other veggies and such I want to put on it. They're the same price as the bag salads, otherwise I'd prob be buying the bag salads and dealing with the dryness because I'm cheap ;)

kenli said...

i've never seen those, but the apple one sounds DELISH! we found a moth in a bag of spinach once - sick. i refuse to eat bagged spinach EVER again.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

My mom always buys those lol! But mostly the huge ones from Sam's. I'll have to inspect next time!!

Haha did I ever tell you I'm from Chino? I used to get so much bs since that's where Ryan was from. I swear Chino looks nothing like what they portrayed!!!