Man Candy Monday - Anderson Cooper

Oh, Anderson, I have had one serious crush on you since way back in 8th grade. In 1992, our middle and high schools got free TVs installed in every classroom. The catch? We had to watch Channel One, a 12 minute news program for teens every morning, commercials and all (nothing is ever truly free, right?). I remember not caring about it and everyone made fun of it. I’m sure it was absolutely fine, but we had to sit silently at the beginning of each day, eyes on the TV or else. It was boring. But classmates began to have crushes on the anchors. Most guys like Lisa Ling and most girls liked twenty-three year old field correspondent, dreamy Anderson Cooper. Here is a look at some of his work on Channel One that Oprah dug up.

Naturally, Anderson moved up. He became a correspondent for ABC News and a co-anchor for World News Now. He switched things up by hosting reality show The Mole, but after 9/11 he decided to get back into news. In 2001, he co-hosted American Morning with Paula Zahn and in 2002 became CNNs weekend prime-time anchor. Finally in 2003 he got his own show, Anderson Cooper 360.

He has covered such stories as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and natural disasters like the tsunami in Indonesia, hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, the Gulf oil spill and the crisis in Japan. Everyone can remember how he threw his job aside and put his life at risk to help this little boy in Haiti who was hit in the head by a concrete block thrown by looters.

He was also involved in the Planet In Peril documentary, which you can find on Netflix if you didn’t catch them on TV a few years back. It is amazing and truly eye opening! I highly recommend watching it.

On September 12 his very own daytime talk show called Anderson will premier. I will be watching religiously.

Ok, I know he's not super hot and probably not ideal man candy, but he's handsome and an inspiration! (And yeah, I know that he's gay. It's ok, you can crush on a gay man).

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I didn't know he was getting his own talk show! Very cool. I think he's handsome. I wouldn't look at him and think "oh baby!" but I think everyone agrees that he is an attractive man :)

Thanks for linking up!!!

AMY said...

Yes.....he's very HOT!!!
I'm going to link up too!

KDC Events said...

LOVE him!! He is actually where I got my 2 year old's name! Love him =)

hotpants™ said...

Oh, I love him. Great choice!

Those blue eyes are KILLER!