Britney is the Femme Fatale

The concert was awesome! Signs everywhere said no cameras allowed, so I snuck my old pocket camera in my bra and took some crappy pictures. I took a few with my iPhone too, but with all the spot lights, they didn’t turn out at all. And my videos were awful! I don't think it could handle the big fat bass. We were sitting 18 rows up along the catwalk so we were equal distance away from the main stage and stage B. But when anyone was performing on the B stage, their back was to us most of the time. Bummer.

The show opened with a female DJ duo called Nervo. I told my friend I thought they were so pretty. And then a few minutes later I said they looked like sisters. After a quick Wikipedia search, I found that I was right! They are twin models turned DJs/songwriters from Australia. They were fun and got the party started.

Jessie and the Toy Boys  (she's formerly known as Jessie Malakouti) performed second. She is super cute and I plan on checking out more of her music soon. It was very pop, a little 80s and fun. Her “Toy Boys” just danced with her.

Nicki Minaj sang a ton of songs. I'm guessing 15. Some were cut short and mixed with others, but it was her own little concert. I think she was on for at least hour. Since most of her songs are with other artists, she didn’t do a ton of singing. But she did sing her ballads and rapped and danced hilariously. Her set had a plot and the storyline was something about being on a different planet or in the future or something…? I didn’t follow. All I know is she was searching for her nemeses, named "Nemeses". She got caught then freed and in the end, killed Nemeses. She also played a few Enya songs in there. It was weird. I don’t hate her at all. She was entertaining, but I didn’t love it. I’m just indifferent about her.

After a 45 minute break, it was finally time for Britney! There were a ton of mini movies between songs for her costume changes. In one video she’s being chased by the cops and then arrested. In another, she’s got some creepy stalker who goes through her history of old photos and videos. In the third, we find out she’s a spy. And finally, she catches her stalker. They were entertaining enough and fun to watch during her costume changes and she looked so pretty in them! Almost every single song had a theme. Here are some of my favorites.

Hold It Against Me

Up N Down
She and her female dancers were in jail cells.

Trench coats and sunglasses.

Piece of Me
She sang this song floating above stage.

How I Roll
She danced on and around a little car. It was so fun!

If You Seek Amy
A Marilyn Monroe inspired jazzy rendition. Photographers were following her all over the stage.

Gimme More
Egyptian theme. The song sounded so awesome this way!

He About To Lose Me
She rolled around on a chaise lounge while four male dancers
climbed all over the structure doing flips and hand stands. It was impressive.

This was set to a snake charming tune and she did some of her original choreography. I loved it.

Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know
Underneath her swing an acrobat danced, then did flips and twists on her ropes.

…Baby One More Time/S&M
Great mash up! She danced around on motorcycles.

I’m A Slave 4 U
She did the original choreography on this one too with her female dancers.

Burning Up
She sang this Madonna cover on a giant guitar.

I Wanna Go
She brought fans up on the stage to dance with her. The entire arena was a dance party!

Till The World Ends
She looked beautiful and again, got everyone in the place dancing and singing at the top of our lungs.
Then she floated above the audience in angel wings.
Fireworks, smoke and confetti brought the party to an end.

This concert was really good and if you’ve never seen her before, and you're a fan, you’ll love it. I was so glad that she busted out some original choreography during Slave and Boys. Well, wait. “Busted out” isn’t the right term. She only danced with her arms. Maybe if she took off her heels and wore sensible shoes she could actually dance again? She pretty much strutted from one end of the stage the other and danced a little in between. She did actually sing some this time, something she didn’t do at all during the Circus tour. She sang Piece of Me, He About To Lose Me, and Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know in their entirety, while sitting or standing still. And I could hear her singing bits and pieces of other songs too. She probably sang about 30% of the show.

I don’t mean to sound negative. I really did have a great time and it was entertaining for sure. I love that the older songs were remixed so they sounded new and fresh. She looked so pretty and was in great shape. She smiled constantly and looked like she was having so much fun. The videos were awesome. The sets and props were cool. Her dancers/acrobats were AMAZING! The Tacoma Dome turned into a real dance party during a few songs. It was just a grand pop spectacular. I had a blast and I was a hoarse, deaf, exhausted, sweaty mess by the end of the night.

Oh yeah, while waiting for my BFF (pictured above), we were standing off to the side of some main doors and Jason Trawick (Brit’s boyfriend) walked right by me. Like two feet from me! He was wearing a grey t-shirt and a grey beanie. He’s a lot shorter than I imagined, which just means Britney is teeny tiny.


Jessica Renee said...

You got some great pics, girly!! I'm not a *huge* Britney fan but it looks like it was a blast!!!

April said...

Awesome pics! Brit was here in Portland this last week, and I was bummed out to miss her. I have been to 3 of her shows though and I l.o.v.e. Femme Fatale!!
Great blog!! Glad I found you!! :o)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Sounds like a pretty good time! Glad she sang some! I don't know why people keep saying she's out of shape still - looks great to me!

And I LOVE Nikki but she is a strange one lol :)

Fashionista622 said...

Great concert pics! Sounds like a great time. She is a show stopper even if the dancing & singing is not what everyone expects. I still think she is quite an artist.

hotpants™ said...

I want to see her so bad. I'm surprised she sang at all. Good for her!