August Magazine Roundup

Heidi Klum - Glamour
She's just so freakin' perfect. Always fresh-faced and happy. I love her.

Emma Watson - Harper's Bazaar UK
I love the pictures in the meadow. She's gonna make it in the fashion world!

Jessica Alba - Allure
Pretty! I wish I could see more. 

Lindsay Lohan - Vanity Fair
How is she getting so much work on house arrest? I have a soft spot for her, but she looks awful here.

Lily Allen - Elle UK
Love it all. Hair, clothes, face. Lily can do no wrong in my book.

Mila Kunis - GQ
I know GQ is a men's magazine, but these are too trashy for me. They remind me of this video.
She's gorgeous as always though.

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake - Elle
Now this is more like it! Hot. Hot. Hot.

Shia LeBeouf - Details
Not many men on the covers this month. He doesn't look bad at all, but I feel like he's kinda douchey.

Taylor Swift - Teen Vogue
I really do like Taylor, but not this spread. From the hair to makeup, clothes and styling.
It looks like it's been hosed down with Pepto-Bismol. Quick, name that movie!
She looks like a young Nicole Kidman on the cover.

Sarah Jessica Parker - Vogue
I love it. She looks amazing, the clothes are perfect and it's a fun and original photo shoot.

Jake Gyllenhaal - GQ Australia
It's not a new photo shoot, but they are naming him one of their 2011 Men of Style. I like!


[SMASH] said...

Heidi makes me so happy; she's so gorgeous and cheerful. :) Emma looks stunning and I'm still in love with her short hair. Jessica Alba is so beautiful; I love her skin color. Not really a LiLo fan and I really don't like her as an ultra blonde either. Lily looks so pretty! LOVE Mila and her sex pot photos are right up the guys' alley for GQ. Her & JT look great together, too! Not too crazy about the rest of them though -- Shia's eyes are dead all the time. Not a big fan of his. Jakey looks delish, obvs, but I'm not crazy about either photo. Not feelin' Taylor or SJP either. :o/

Christianna said...

I love your round up! Some awesome covers. I'm digging Mila and J.T.

Oh and SJP and Matthew, awwwwwww!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Ok let's recap lol:

Heidi - hoe does she look THAT good after that many kids?

Emma - I just don't like her short hair :/

Jessica - Effortless beauty.

LiLo- I can almost see her vag, gross!

Lily - You know I love her :)

Mila - I know it's a men's mag so she's kinda skankin' it up, I'll let it slide bc I like her lol.

Mila and Justin - Too cute!

Shia - He was the guest at The Jimmy Kimmel show when I went earlier this month. Still deciding if he's a jerk in real life or not...

Taylor - She does look like Nicole!

SJP - Fun shoot!

Jake - I agree with the decision. He is def stylish.

And now I am done lol!

hotpants™ said...

I adore Heidi. She doesn't take herself too seriously. I want Justin and Mila to make babies.