MOH help!

My sister is getting married next weekend. This is my first time as a Maid, uh, Matron of Honor. I was a bridesmaid once before, but I didn’t have any of the typical duties because I didn’t live near the bride. So, I’m struggling to figure out a few things and need some advice.

I’ve got a Wedding Day Emergency Kit stocked with a lint brush, toothbrush, floss, breath mints, double sided tape, bobby pins, band aids, comb, mirror, clear nail polish, nail file, nail clippers, hairspray, sewing kit, safety pins, hem tape, wipes, tissue, tampon, chap stick, clear deodorant, blotting papers, static cling spray, stain remover pen, chalk, Tylenol, Imodium, Tums, granola bar, trail mix, bottle of water, straws, crazy glue, shoe polish, Q tips, lotion, pen and paper and an umbrella.

Am I missing anything? My wedding was in Vegas. We literally walked out of our hotel room dressed and ready to go, took the elevator down to the chapel and did the damn thing. For my sister’s wedding, we’re getting ready in a hotel room and driving to the church, so I want to make sure I have everything, just in case. Was there anything you needed when you got married that I don’t already have listed?

Next, the reception isn’t at the church. We have to drive to a second location. Do we decorate the getaway car for their exit after the church or for their exit after the reception? I have a feeling the bride and groom are going to be hanging out until the very end since they aren’t departing for their honeymoon until two days later. Plus, my sister is fun and loves a good party, so we’ll be dancing into the wee hours of the night. I’m thinking it would be best if they could drive from the church and arrive at the reception hall in a decorated car, but when/who decorates it during the wedding?

The thing I’m most nervous about is the toast. The groom comes from a pretty conservative family and there will also be a lot of out of town guests that I (or the bride) have never met. So I have to be cautious about being too sarcastic (which is just my nature). I need to be pleasant, but not corny. That’s not my thing. Help!

Finally, I want to put something in their hotel room. I’m thinking rose petals, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, plus a nice cheese and cracker tray. I remember being starving after my reception because I didn’t eat much. Should I do a pizza gift card so they can order in?

Ten days to go and I’m stressing.


hotpants™ said...

I would decorate the car during the reception, but that's just my opinion. That's what we do here anyway. I think leaving food and/or a gift card for food in their room is awesome. The bride and groom will be starving. I honestly don't think you've forgotten anything in the emergency kit. You're well prepared! As for the speech, I have no ideas. I guess just speak from the heart. Tell a funny story from childhood. Talk about your first impression of the groom and when you know they were made for each other. Personally, even if they are conservative, I'd crack a joke or two. Everyone likes a funny Maid of Honor. :)

Jessica said...

I've always done it during the reception bc its mainly the only time you have, BUT I do love the thought of them driving from the church like that....but you will have to appoint someone to do that while you guys are taking pictures in the church.

the gift card is a great idea bc its true they will NOT eat at the wedding.

You must crack some jokes its expected. What I did as a part of my toast when I was MOH for my best friend, was give the groom a stress ball for when she has to choose every wrong decision before she just takes he advice that she should've all along and then I gave her cotton balls so she wouldn't have to listen to his non-stop talking about how he's always right. It was a nice funny play on both of their personalities and we'd known each other since junior high so we were all really close.