Iceland? Really?

I never thought twice about Iceland as a vacation spot. It just seemed cold and well, cold. Plus there are volcanoes and Bjork. What an odd place. But my friends just got back from their honeymoon and after I browsed their Facebook pictures, I realized I kinda want to go! It is really beautiful and Reykjavik seems like a cool city. Apparently it’s one of the trendiest cities in the world with sort of a party atmosphere and lots of cafes. It’s also very architecturally attractive and up on technology.

The other hot spot is an actual hot spot. The Blue Lagoon is their famous geothermal pool. The steamy, warm waters rich in minerals are part of a lava formation. People relax in the 100 degree water, sometimes smearing the white mud on their faces because it’s so good for your skin.

Other attractions are waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, icebergs, volcanoes, lagoons and ocean views. You can also see the Northern Lights for nine months out of the year and you adventurers can take a glacial trek during the winter months.

Because of Iceland’s economic crisis, it’s the ideal time to go. Oh, if only I didn’t have kids… Another upside is that it would probably be the first time I lost weight on a vacation because they eat tons and tons fish and then weird stuff like pickled sheep testicles and putrefied shark meat. What do you think? Would you ever go to Iceland?


Jessica Renee said...

Aside from the food, it looks sooo gorgeous there and I've always wanted to visit! My dad lived there for a year when he was in the Navy in the 70s and I don't think he's stopped talking about it since. lol

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

MMM sheep testicles! LOL jk ;) So I was always like you thinking why the heck even consider Iceland? But then I saw The Bachelorette a few seasons back and they went there and it looked so cool. Funny thing is I remember a line from Deuce Biggalow (I Think) where a character says Iceland is really green and Greenland has a lot of ice...not sure if that's exactly true :) I am in LOVE with these pictures you've posted.

Can't wait to hear all about Britney!

Lacey said...

you had me sold until I heard about the food hahah! I do think I would go there though, looks beautiful and the number 1 thing I want to do before I die is see the northern lights :)

April said...

Wow! This place looks so beautiful ... I wouldn't have thought twice about it either!

Iceland Getaway said...

Above photos looks a good. There is one photo of Eruption of volcanic. These Volcanic eruption is about on Katla. I have seen that place before the eruption. It was looking amazing.
Iceland Getaway