Fashion Of The ‘90s

I’m taking a trip down memory lane and featuring some of the best styles from the ‘90s.

Jean overalls
I never owned a pair, but really wanted them.
Most of my friends wore one side unhooked.

Salt water sandals
I had a pair of tans ones and didn’t take them off for an entire summer.
They start to smell after a while.

Baby tees
I didn’t actually have this one, but doesn’t it just define the ‘90s?

I had a few pairs of vans throughout high school.

Looney Tunes tees
I did have one of these in middle school. How embarrassing.

Jelly shoes
These were my 8th grade spring/summer footwear.
I had about ten pairs.

Boxers as shorts
We’d stock up on colorful prints at The Gap,
sew up the fly and wear them with a sweatshirt.

I always had to have white. They were dirty within the first week and therefore, ruined.
My mom hated buying these for me.

Men’s surf tees
I shopped at Above the Belt (now known as Zumiez) for Stüssy, Billabong and Quicksilver tees.
They were guy shirts and way too big, but looked great with my baggy Levi's.

Women’s surf tees
Then I realized I am a girl and started buying Roxy and Hurley women’s shirts in my actual size.

Adidas wind pants
This was a late ‘90s thing around these parts.
I wore these pants to early morning classes in college. Awful!

Dr. Martens
I loved my Docs. These are probably my favorite '90s fashion trend
because they are just so awful and so expensive but we all HAD TO HAVE THEM.
 I had these exact pairs of shoes and sandals.

Flare jeans
As the super baggy jeans fad was winding down, flare jeans took off.
No matter how many times I explained that they weren’t the same,
 my mom called them “bell bottoms” and couldn’t believe I wanted to wear them.

Platform shoes
I didn’t own a pair because I’m six feet tall and my boyfriend was about an inch shorter than me.
But my sister did and sometimes let me borrow them.
She had a pale pink pair and white sneakers similar to these:

We wore Gap sweater vests over a white t-shirt
and Old Navy Performance Fleece vests over a long sleeved colored t-shirt.

Floral print rayon dresses
I always paired mine with white tube socks and my Docs. Gorgeous.

Penny loafers
My best friend and I put dimes in them. To be classier.

Gap T-Shirts
I think I had five of these in different colors. Sweatshirts too.

So what about you? Did you wear some of these styles? Did I miss something you loved to wear? Come on guys, let’s reminisce and be embarrassed together!


Jessica Renee said...


I wanted overalls too but never got them! :( And I loved the crap out of my jelly sandals too! lol...And you had a Gap tshirt collection - I have an Old Navy tshirt collection. Super fashionable ;)

Jessica Renee said...

I meant HAD an old navy shirt collection...lol

Kori Donahue said...

What a trip down memory lane! I had so many pairs of Docs! Thanks for linking up today honey. Great post! Kori xoxo

Jessie said...

Great post! I would still wear the Nirvana tee, but NOT the Bugs Bunny one. lol

Raven said...

yes! overalls, vans, jellies, doc martins and those Gap label tshirts haha!! however, I still rock the flared jeans all the time!! :)

hotpants™ said...

I wore jelly shoes, floral rayon dresses, fake Doc Martens, Keds, flare jeans, Adidas pants, boxers as shorts, Looney Tunes tees, baby tees, and overalls. I loved my Old Navy overalls so much. I wore them entirely too much. Great post!

Ruth said...

What a trip down memory lane