Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I’m not sure why this is newsworthy, but yesterday everyone was talking about celebrity hair. Since I’m writing a post about it, I apparently also care.

First up, The Biebs. He said he’s been wanting a haircut for a while, so it was just time.

I like it. He already sported a shorter do earlier this year, which I liked, too.

I’m a mom, not a pre-teen, so it’s ok that I thought his old hairstyle was just plain ridiculous, right?

Next, Jennifer Aniston. Her hair has been making headlines since her early years on Friends.

For years and years, she's had the same boring hair style. 

Until she showed off this adorable long bob in Madrid. It’s much more blonde too,
which I think makes her look young and fresh. I love it!

Finally, we have John Travolta.
He didn’t exactly cut his hair. He just didn’t wear one of his many hideous toupees while on vacation in Hawaii.

 Long gone are the days of sexy Danny Zuko.

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hotpants™ said...

Men who wear toupees only make themselves look worse. I was going to blog about everyone's hair on Monday, but then I realized I'll have my Oscar recaps to do.