Ten Years

Today is my ten year anniversary! Not our wedding anniversary though. We’ve only been married for four and a half years. But Jacob and I began officially, exclusively dating ten years ago. We started off and on dating almost thirteen years ago! It blows my mind that I’ve been with him and so in love all this time. And I can’t believe we are that old. I still remember hanging out with him in homeroom.

Wanna know the story? Let’s go back. Way back. Jacob and I first met in third grade when my parents rented his grandparents’ house. He swears he doesn’t remember this. He was too busy playing basketball and hanging out in the woods with his real friends to notice his temporary neighbors, especially girls. I don’t blame him, we were only there for three months. But as kids who moved around a lot, my siblings and I tend to remember every little detail about every house we’ve been in. Most likely because our world was turned upside down with every move. But each move was always for the better and we met some great friends and had good experiences along the way.

Ok, back to me and Jacob. In middle school, we sort of new each other. He dated (how do you date in 8th grade?) one of my friends, so he came around every once in a while at lunch or whatever. Basically, we were acquaintances. During our junior year in high school we became actual friends and about half way through the year, really good friends. Soon after graduation we were best friends. We even went on a few dates when we were in between relationships with other people, but it never led to anything serious. Here is a picture of one of those random dates about thirteen years ago.

Ten years ago I was going to school at Western Washington University, living with two of my closest friends, but really missing my best friend. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Jacob came up to visit a few times and expressed interest in me. I blew him off, not wanting to mess anything up. Plus, we had nothing in common and I was away at school, so how would a relationship even work? But one day, it just hit me - I did want to be with him! So on January 28, 2001, while walking hand in hand around the mall, I just point blank asked him if he wanted to be my boyfriend. My real, official boyfriend. He asked, “Really?” And soon after said, “Yes.”

We’ve had a few bumps along the way, just like every other relationship. Starting out with a new boyfriend who lived a hundred miles away was challenging. Maintaining that long distance relationship for almost two years wasn’t always easy. Moving in with each other after I graduated was a tough adjustment. Then there were my emotional meltdowns and pre-wedding jitters before we got married. But we stuck by each other and seem to have got the hardest times out of the way. We are truly happy, very much in love, and have remained best friends. Plus, we got Nolan out of the deal, and another baby on the way. Best. Prizes. Ever.


Kenli said...

aww i love it! my boyfriend and i have been best friends since 8th grade and i wouldn't date him until the end of senior year for the same reason.. i didn't want to mess things up with him. so glad i changed my mind, though, aren't you!? happy ten years!

hotpants™ said...

Love the last picture!!