January is almost as exciting as September for me because my some of my favorite shows return and new ones debut. Here are the midseason shows I’ll be watching.

Jersey Shore I can’t get enough of this trash! I love it. I’m excited that the cast will be back in their element. I can’t wait to see the disaster that is Deena replacing Angelina. I love everything about Pauly D and JWoww. But I really am over anything having to do with Ronnie or Sammi. From the looks of the trailer, they drive everyone else crazy too and get a few punches to the face.

Big Love This is the last season of this weird, yet addicting show. I love the entire cast! Well, I usually hate Nicki, but she’s a lot of fun to hate. Last season was really, really strange, so I’m sure this one is going to be even more odd. But I gotta finish it out and see what happens to the Henrickson family.

Skins (US) I love the UK version of Skins so much. In my opinion it’s the best show on television. Of course America has to come along and ruin it. I’m pretty sure I’m going to hate it, so I think I’ll just tune in to criticize it. The worst thing is, the trailer shows a summary of the first episode, which is identical to the first episode of the UK series, almost word for word. What’s the point?
Skins (UK) Luckily, series five is airing in the UK. While I'm apprehensive about the new characters (they get a new cast every two seasons), I can't wait for it to begin. I know I’ll love it and it'll set off the awfulness that is Skins US. Too bad I have to watch it illegally.

Who Do You Think You Are? I really loved this genealogy show that aired last spring. I like biographies, celebrities, and history, so it’s all really interesting to me and made me cry just about every episode. This season will feature Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim McGraw, Rosie O'Donnell, Steve Buscemi, Kim Cattrall, Lionel Richie, Vanessa Williams and Ashley Judd looking at their family histories. That’s a pretty good guest list!

Mr. Sunshine I’m not entirely sold on the concept or plot. He’s manager of a sports arena who is going through a mid-life crisis and hates his boss. But I love Matthew Perry and I love Allison Janey! I’ll watch anything either of them are in.

The Real Housewives of New York City These shows are awful, but I only watch New Jersey and NYC. I know that’s bad enough as it is, but I can’t stop. I’m excited to see the new season with some new cast members. And I’m glad that Bethenny is gone. I couldn’t stand her. Team Jill all the way! 


OhhLaceyy said...

I love the Jersey Shore! Totally agree about the ronnie and sammi thing. They piss me off but I LOVE Pauly D. I quote him alllll the time hahah.

Bdubs said...

I'm with you-I love Matthew Perry. His tv shows after Friends haven't been so great, in fact they've been a little dark. But I will still be tuning in just because it's him. I've never been a big reality TV fan except for House Hunters, which I just found out is almost always staged. Gasp! But at least the people on it are real. I hope!

hotpants™ said...

I will support anything Matthew Perry does because he's my favorite Friend.