Double Dipping

I only had one boyfriend the entire time I was in high school. I hung out (made out, whatever) with a few other guys at different points, but none of them even lead to a real date. I was with my high school sweetheart during our junior and senior years.

There were guys and girls at school who didn't have that first love, long term relationship kind of thing and they constantly shuffled through boyfriends and girlfriends. But since it was high school and no one really dated outside of their circle of friends, it always led to the same guys dating the same girls, so their friends' exes and friends of their exes. Can you say awkward?

It even happened in my group of friends. My best friend and I hung out a lot with my boyfriend’s guy friends. When we broke up right before graduation, there was one already waiting for me. My boyfriend’s former best friend! I know, I know, but I was heartbroken, he gave me attention, and we ended up staying together for a year and a half, so it wasn't your typical rebound. The even more twisted part of the story…? He was my high school best friend’s high school sweetheart! Ugh. I’m disgusting. But then my ex started dating one of my friends shortly after. And my best friend had already moved waaaay on before I started dating her cast off. It was all incredibly uncomfortable, but I think it’s just the result of a small town.

Now that we've moved back to our home town, and of course thanks to Facebook  I’m seeing that a lot of people I went to high school with are still cycling through classmates. These are usually the people that never left town for college or the ones that got married and divorced early and are finding old flames. You know how the story goes: you run into a guy from high school at a bar, drinks are consumed, and all of a sudden he’s telling you that he had the biggest crush on you in 11th grade. I am surprised at who’s dating who now though. The clique boundaries of high school are no longer in place and people are dating that I didn't even know talked to each other back then. I think it’s great. We have all obviously grown up, matured, and learned to respect everyone.

Jacob and I are one of the three married couples from our class, but we didn't date until years after high school was over. There were a few more marriages, but they resulted in divorce soon after the weddings. There are two more couples getting married sometime this year, but they weren't high school sweethearts either. They started dating a few years ago. I think it’s sweet.

I also think it’s weird. There’s no bro code or girl code in high school.
When does that take place? College? Older than that? Does it ever really exists?

So now that I wrote this whole story, that’s a pretty gross blog post title isn't it?

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