Music Monday - Swallowed

The band Bush recently reunited (well, with two old members and two new ones) and put on a concert last month. They are also planning on releasing a new album this winter. I haven’t really been keeping up with them, but I saw a few current pictures of Gavin Rossdale. How is it that he looks the same as he did over ten years ago when I fell in love with him? Actually, no, he looks better! I was a Bush fan in high school and even had a poster of Gavin hanging in my room. Hot! They had a ton of awesome song so its hard to pick a favorite, but I really love this one from back in the day.

Bush - Swallowed
Swallowed borrowed
Heavy about everything but my love
Swallowed hollowed
Sharp about everyone but yourself
Swallowed oh no
I'm with everyone and yet not
I'm with everyone and yet not
I'm with everyone and you're not
I'm with everyone and yet

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City Girl said...

I used to LOVE Bush... aww, the 90s memories! Have a great Monday!