I Got A Crush On You

Jake Gyllenhaal My main man. The love of my life. How can he be so adorable and so hot at the same time?

Ryan Reynolds I know, I know. I'm a typical girl in love with Ryan. I swear I was crushing on him before any of you were. Way back when he made stupid movies like Dick and Van Wilder.

Anderson Cooper He’s insanely smart and successful. He does amazing things for the world. Yet, he’s so normal and humble. I love him. I aspire to be like him. And he’s pretty easy on the eyes.

Zac Efron Zac has recently made it on my crush list. I didn't think anything of him during the High School Musical years, which is probably a good thing because he was way too young. I thought he was cute in 17 Again. But now I just think he's just plain hot.

Robert Downey Jr I’m not usually into older guys (my parents are young so it freaks me out), but I’ve been a fan of Robert for a long time. He’s just getting better and better with age. Yum.

Taylor Lautner Another young one on my list. Thank God he turned 18 this year. Now I don't feel so creepy. H-O-T!

Milo Ventimiglia I fell in love with him as Rory’s bad boy, Jess, on Gilmore Girls. Who knew he’d grow up to be so good looking? I always watch him in interviews and he's really funny and sweet.

John Krasinski I may be in love with Jim Halpert and not necessarily John himself. No, really, I’ve seen him do tons of appearances and I actually like him, too. He may not be the hottest, but I think he’s cute, sweet, funny and very grounded.

Ed Burns I’ve always had a soft spot for him because my husband looks so much like him. He seems so genuine, likable and smart. He writes, directs and stars in his own movies and has an equally attractive wife in Christy Turlington.

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hotpants™ said...

I've always loved Ed Burns. It's something about his looks and that sexy voice of his. I don't really like Zac or Chace though. Now, Chris Pine I can get on board with.