As much as I love pop culture and celebrities, there are some that I just can’t stand. I’m sure I’ll get some crap for this, but I gotta say, I’m totally over these ladies.

Betty White

I get it. She’s 88 and has been in the business forever. She’s had a wonderful career. I thought her dumb character on Golden Girls was sometimes funny. Unlike the rest of the world, I don’t watch reruns on a daily basis. It’s boring. And kind of creepy. I don’t like it when old people talk about sex. Ew. I thought she was kind of funny in The Proposal, but I also don’t like old person stunt casting in a movie to get a few (usually very un-) funny lines. I’m an equal opportunity hater though, I don’t like it when kids are in movies for annoying one-liners either. I wish her well and she deserves all of her success, but I’m also kind of over seeing her everywhere.

Blake Lively

I watched Gossip Girl’s first two seasons and it was a huge guilty pleasure of mine. But when they went to college, it seemed like the writers were struggling to keep the cast tied together and the stories got boring. There’s a reason for that. High school graduates move on and usually don’t partake in the same drama as they did in their younger days. The one thing I hated most about Gossip Girl hasn’t changed…Serena van der Woodsen/Blake Lively. I don’t think she’s that cute. Her pouty lips and squinty-eyed blank stare annoy the crap out of me. And from the few things I’ve seen her in outside of this show, I can confidently say, she’s not a great actress. 


I am the first to get in line with all of you to say how much I love the song Umbrella. It was THE song of 2007. Everyone in the world loved it and everyone in the world covered it (my favorites are here and here). I liked a few of her songs before that too, but I didn’t love them. Her last few singles have been so boring. I know she went through a tough time and expressed that on her last album, but it wasn’t great. And I’m not the only one who thought so because her sales were low, low, low. From what I’ve heard from her new album, I’m not impressed. Come on girl, get back in there and give us something good!

Lea Michele

I cannot stand her! She can sing and she’s kind of adorable, but I can’t stand looking at her. Mostly because of her face. She ruins Glee for me. People keep telling me I just hate her character, Rachel, but it’s her. I cringe when I watch her badly lip-sync ballads and show tunes while she closes her eyes and scrunches up her face. Lately I’ve been fast forwarding her solos (thank God for TiVo). I’ve also read everywhere that her ego is getting the best of her and she’s not a pleasant person to be around. Be careful, little diva!

Lady Gaga

I know I’ve complained about her before. I have mixed feelings about her. I think she is insanely talented and I love all of her music. There’s not one song I don’t know every word to. I also love everything she does for the gay community and equal rights. I appreciate that she expresses positive messages like loving yourself for who you are and respecting everyone else, including those that are different. She’s just one giant bowl of love and acceptance. She is also the queen of music videos. The only one I didn’t like was Alejandro, but everything else has been absolutely amazing. I love that Haus of Gaga is full of artists and visionaries. I used to think her crazy costumes and antics were refreshing, but now I’m over it. She’s just going too far for the WTF factor. I find myself rolling my eyes during her interviews, especially when she’s talking in that fake wants-to-be-Madonna-who-wants-to-be-British accent. She’s pretty full of herself. But guess what? I’m the first in line to preorder her next CD! I love/hate that crazy bitch!

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hotpants™ said...

I've only watched one episode of Glee so I can't say much about Lea Michele, but I'm not a fan. I do love Betty White though.