Music Monday - California

In honor of our trip to LA later this week, this Music Monday post is going to be all about California. My absolute favorite song about the sunshine state is by Phantom Planet. Let me just clear something up here. I was IN LOVE with Phantom Planet and this song waaaay before The OC used it for their theme song and the rest of the world fell in love with it. I’ve seen Phantom Planet six times in concert, twice before The OC ever hit TV. And I met them twice! Great band. I wish they were still around.

Phantom Planet - California
On the stereo
Listen as we go
Nothing's gonna stop me now
California here we come

This is my husband’s favorite song about L.A.

Bad Religion - Los Angeles is Burning
When the hills of los angeles are burning
Palm trees are candles in the murder wind
So many lives are on the breeze
Even the stars are ill at ease
And Los Angeles is burning

How about an oldie but a goodie?

The Mamas and The Papas - California Dreaming
I'd be safe and warm
If I was in L.A
California Dreamin'
On such a winter's day

And who doesn't love this song?

Tupac Shakur - California Love
California knows how to party
In the city of L.A.
In the city of good ol' Watts
In the city, the city of Compton
We keep it rockin’

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hotpants™ said...

Yes! You can't forget 2Pac.

I miss The OC.