Stop Telephonin’ Me

When I was younger we had a phone just like this one.

Then we upgraded to one like this, with an answering machine. Awesome!

Finally, in 7th grade I got my own phone! I loved my clear phone with fluorescent wiring!

Then my mom came home with a cordless phone and we thought it was the coolest.
She was always mad though because I would leave it upstairs in my in my room with a dead battery.

In 10th grade I got my own cordless and I kept this purple beauty all through college!

In high school, I got a pager. I know, I know, but come on, you all had one too…right?
(What was my obsession with clear?)

When I was 18, I got my first cell phone for Christmas.
My mom worked for AAA and thought it was a great thing for me to have to stay safe.
Only one rule: I HAD to answer if she called. It was this exact one:

In college I upgraded to the Nokia 5110. EVERYONE had this phone.
Mine was purple, you know, to be unique.

Then, along with everyone else, I upgraded that to a Nokia 3310. I had navy blue.

I was so jealous when friends slowly started getting flip phones. I had to have one!
My Samsung SGH-X427 was SO COOL with it’s colored screen.

Then I needed phone that could play music and take pictures, duh. I got a Samsung Sync.

And now I’m on my latest cell, my iPhone. I’ve had it for almost two years.
How did I live without it all this time? It’s never more than three feet away from me.

I plan on upgrading to iPhone 4 as soon as my contract is up.

I have to say, sometimes I kind of miss the flip phone.
There was nothing more gratifying than slamming it closed when you were irritated with the person on the other end.

Take a look at some of these other phones throughout time. Did you have any of them?



Lacey said...

lmao those last few cracked me up!!! I really want the Iphone 4 too but the reception is horrible in my area booo :( It is killing me not having it.
Let us know how much you like it when you get PLEASEE!!

hotpants™ said...

I think I had pretty much every phone you had growing up including the clear blue pager. I have a Droid now instead of the iPhone. Oh, the memories this brought back.