Goodbye SoapNet

I read last week that Disney is shutting down it’s cable channel SOAPNet. I haven’t watched soaps since the summer before 9th grade when I was obsessed with Days of our Lives. But I did watch SOAPNet for my Beverly Hills, 90210 reruns.

Where am I going to watch it now? And what about One Tree Hill?

The OC?

Dawson’s Creek?

And Gilmore Girls?

At least I can catch Gilmore Girls on ABC Family. And to tell you the truth, I haven’t watched anything on SOAPNet since I was pregnant and on bed rest. But I’d still like to have that option, especially for 90210! Instead, Disney is focusing on a new channel for preschoolers, Disney Junior, set to change over in 2012. I suppose that since I have a toddler, this channel probably more appropriate for my life, but don’t kids already have enough channels (Sprout, Noggin, Nick Jr.)?

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