Summertime TV

For most people summertime means getting out and playing in the sun: camping, hiking, swimming, tanning, boating, vacationing, picnicking, barbecuing, beach combing, playing baseball, etc. It’s the season where people watch the least amount of television. Not me! I mean, yeah, I’ll be outside during the day doing all that fun stuff too (except for the tanning part; I burn burn burn). But since my son goes to bed at 8:00, my summer nights are all about my TiVo. And there are so many shows to look forward to this summer!

My most anticipated show returns in July.

HBO and Showtime are rolling out some of their biggest hits.

Then there are all the fun Bravo reality shows.

Then there’s MTV. I have to say, at 31 years old I thought I had finally outgrown this channel. The only show I have watched for the past few years are The Challenges. Then a little gem called Jersey Shore came along and I couldn't get enough. On July 29 we’ll see these guidos and guidettes take on Miami.


Lacey said...

I CANNOT wait for true blood!!! oh and Kourtney and Khloe take miami, I love all things Kardashian hahah! all such good shows!

hotpants™ said...

I'm all about some True Blood. I plan to start Mad Men and Weeds eventually.