Friday Fives

The question of the week is: If you were stranded on an island, what are the five things would you just have to have? So we’re just talking about things here, right? I can’t bring people? If I could it would be my husband, Mr. Wilderness. He loves to hike and camp and has watched enough episodes of Man vs. Wild and Survivor Man to know what to do to survive. But if I can’t take him, and I can't bring something like a boat or cell phone with service, this is my list:

1. Sunscreen I’m as pale as they come. Think Edward Cullen. I couldn't imagine hanging out in the sun all day without some major SPF.

2. Chapstick I apply Blistex about ten times a day. I know it addictive and if I stopped using it, I wouldn't have to, but I don’t care.

3. A knife block I guess I would need a knife, right? A good knife block has tons of options.

4. Seeds I could grow my own fruits and vegetables and not have to survive on fish and leaves.

5. My iPhone I know I wouldn't be able to use the phone or the internet, but I could listen to music, watch movies, play games, take pictures and look at pictures of my loved ones. I suppose it would have to be solar powered. Plus, maybe one day someone will buy an island nearby and build a cell phone tower.

Just Me and My Life


CJ Sime said...

I love that you posted bulk pictures of the sunblock and lipbalm. Bulk is definitely the way to go.

Great list. Practicality with a splurge!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

I LOVE your list!!! You make me laugh. BTW ~ love the blistex too.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Ditto on the sunscreen - didn't even think about that! I definitely use 80SPF!

Ben and Emily said...

Hopefully I'll get stuck on your island so I can enjoy those fruits and veggies you'll grow!

Great list!
Happy Friday!

Stephanie said...

ohhhhhhhhhh smart thinking with the seeds!!!!!!!

Beth McC. said...

Love your list! Thanks for doing my Fridays Fives!

After reading your list I want to redo mine!! Love the seed idea and the knife block- good thinking!!