One of my favorite shows of all time is an insanely amazing British show about teens living in Bristol, South West England called Skins. It’s had four seasons so far, two seasons for each class of characters. When the first class graduated and went off to university, one character’s little sister led the second cast and season three and four were about her and her friends.

Each of the ten episodes focuses on one character so you see things from their point of view and get details about their family life and daily struggles. You really sort of fall in love with each of them. It is so edgy and real and emotional and outstanding. The writing is unbelievable. The show pushes the envelope and doesn't censor anything. I watched the show on BBC America and there is some editing, like pixelated butts and silenced swear words, but they are pretty much left as is. It depicts raw emotion, sometimes disturbing story lines, really dysfunctional families, and authenticity that you don‘t find on any teen shows in America. The kids smoke, drink, do and deal drugs, have sex, party, overdose, constantly swear, and worse.

I read a few months back that MTV was going to do an American version and I wasn’t very happy about it. Then I read last week that MTV did pick it up, will start filming soon and will air it in January. This show will have unknown teen actors (just like the original version) playing a cast of high school students living in Baltimore.

I have so many problems with this. It’s not going to be as good because besides The Office, (although the UK version IS better), Americans can’t get an adaptation right. Skins is British slang for rolling papers, so how will that title apply to the US? MTV can't make a show so real. American’s aren't ready for that. They are going to have to tone it down and soften the story lines. I don’t know how they will be able to make it any different than the “scandal” in 90210 or Gossip Girl, which we all know is unrealistic and can get pretty boring.

MTV insists that they are working with the creators/writers, Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, and will be talking to teenagers across the US to create a show accurately reflects their lives. I will be tuning in, even with a bitter taste in my mouth. I will also be tuning in to season five of the UK’s Skins when it airs next year with it’s third cast.

I heard GREAT news last week too. Producers confirmed that a Skins movie is in the making! They plan to bring back characters from the first four seasons and also add new characters. The script is being written by a regular Skins writer, Jack Thorne, who is working closely with the show's creator and a regular director, Charles Martin. I think this is an amazing idea and I really think the film will be done well. And I read yesterday that two of the show's biggest actors, Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy) and Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire) have signed on to star in the film! I'm even more excited now! Hopefully this will get the rest of the cast from both seasons to sign on.

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