I started to love musicals in junior high. I was in band and a few times a year our director would make us sit through musicals on progress report day, so I was exposed to movies like The King and I, The Sound of Music, and The Music Man.

Well, actually, my love for musical movies started when I was five years old.
Grease was my absolute favorite movie. My imaginary friend was even named Sandy.

But when I saw my high school’s performance of Little Shop of Horrors in 10th grade, I fell in love with watching them live, on stage. I couldn't believe my classmates could pull that off. My high school boyfriend was in theater (band geek + drama kid = match made in high school heaven), and I loved to watch him and help with production. If I could sing, I would have been up there too. I got my sister into musicals and we would see a few shows each year. For the past few years I've had season tickets to The 5th Avenue Theater and The Paramount Theater here in Seattle. I've also seen a few plays on Broadway and London’s West End.

I've probably seen close to fifty musicals, but my all time favorite is RENT. I've seen it four times. I have DVDs of the movie and of the last live performance on Broadway. I have the movie soundtrack and the original cast recording. I have three books based on the play, including the actual script. Yes, I'm obsessed.

My husband and I are very different. He loves the outdoors. He camps, hikes, snowboards, kick boxes and owns and gym and teaches MMA. I like TV movies, music, musicals, concerts, and other performances. He likes to get out there and I like to sit back and be entertained. But opposites really do attract and we try to share our activities with each other. He promises to go to one musical a year and we've been able to see some that he actually loved, like Avenue Q, Rock of Ages, and Spamalot.

He’s even gone with me to see RENT. He knows all the words to the songs. He knows all the characters. He watched the movies with me a few times. He doesn't hate it, but it’s not his favorite thing either. When I heard RENT was ending it’s run on Broadway, I rushed to get tickets to see it one last time.. But then I heard that Neil Patrick Harris (who played Mark in an LA run years ago) was directing a special three night only production of RENT at the Hollywood Bowl this summer.

I got excited then quickly put it out of my head. We are in the process of buying a house and we promised we’d take a year off from vacationing. After planning, budgeting, scheduling my parents to babysit, and getting cheap quotes for the hotel and flights, I convinced Jacob that we deserved a long weekend in LA, since we haven’t had a vacation since October. He wasn't thrilled about the RENT part, but I sold him with the Universal Studios part. Man, he must love me. So in August, I’m off to see RENT at the Hollywood Bowl with my dear husband!


hotpants™ said...

I've seen a couple of musicals. So far, Wicked is my favorite. I'm going to see it for a second time later this year. This time I'm dragging my husband with me because I think he might actually like it.

Meghan @ Shine On said...

We are meant to be best friends. I haven't seen Spamalot or Rock of Ages, but my parents have and they LOVED both. My mom and aunt even dressed in all-80s gear for RoA. =)

Once I find a job in Seattle, I'll HAVE to get season tickets to both theaters. I'm so excited that JB is coming back! We must go together!!